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The Burden You Bear

"How about a trade, Princess Twilight...?"


The glorious finale made me crawl back out of my hole. After the last piece I kind of withered away for a while under the stress of all the stuff I had going on. I haven't even been visiting devART much either, so there might be a whole bunch of unanswered comments lying around.. Sorry for leaving you guys for such a long while.

I still do have a lot of stuff going on but at least I got something out and finally caught up with episodes.

I hope I can now get back on track with art and ponies through this breeze of inspiration the finale gave me. I don't want to end up like I've been for the past month or so.

Nevertheless. The finale sure was something else. This scene in particular struck me as the big turning point.
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Omggg you are so talented. Way to portray it in such an epic way
Cartoon for a little girls they say?! This picture is scaring me even when I know how it ended.
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Yeah! Alright, you did great here no kidding^^ It's such a nice thing to see a style like this on this piece of work~ Hope you'll do an action sorta scene someday^^ It's up to you really~
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As a MLP fan, I never see any artwork that is beautiful as this! You are amazing!
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VynalLine I remember when you introduced me to this scene
Oldsonglover4Eva's avatar
Alright, I don't even like MLP but this is amazing. I hope to one day be able to draw this well!
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is that tirek?
DodoDuuDuu's avatar
If my little pony was real, this is what it would look like. When i saw the episode i wondered how it would look like irl.
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astounding picture!
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Whoa, this is amazing! I love how the perspective makes Tirek look so huge compared to the viewer! It's dark, but really cool! And I love how discord is looking away 
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This is epic. Wonderfully rendered.
SondowverDarKRose's avatar
that is indeed one epic battle
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This would be pretty darn rad if the design of the ponies itself wasn't so goddamn obnoxious
Kott12YT's avatar
omg... this is sooooooo cool *O*
chiriku's avatar
Is this based of the new movie? 
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