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The Apple Family

Not the whole family but yeah.

Time lapse:…

Like I mentioned, military still gives me almost every weekend free, so I still have time to push out occasional works. It's mostly the issue of military not giving much time for inspiration and ideation for things to draw during holidays. We'll see.

I'm heading back, so I'll answer all the comments in a week or two.
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Your art makes for perfect wallpaper! I love these! :D

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Just letting you know i borrowed your art for a song I did. I credited you in the description and linked to this piece. You can find the song here if you want:…

Thank you, and keep making great art!
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wow I like the barn and granny Smith is amazing I l
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Beautiful detail, especially of the barn :heart: Love this family.
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hehee!! Great work!!
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This is amazing! I absolutely love it!

Also, I'm working on a remix of "Raise This Barn", and was wondering if I could use this pic for the video when I put it on YouTube? I'll give you proper credit of course. I just think this would be perfect for the song.
Wonderful art work and thank you for serving our country. One little thing I noticed is Applejack's eyes are brown when in the show they are green. Still wonderful, it just caught my eye is all. Can't wait to see more of your work. 
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looks very real- must be in new england
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Your artwork is absolutely astounding. I cant take my eyes off of it. :iconlaexcitedplz:
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I'm awestruck at how you've put the characters into such a realistic setting. Everything is balanced so well.. just.. wow!
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I love your colors and realistic artstyle <3
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I know I'm taking residence with Twilight, but that doesn't mean I don't hang out with the others. This is one of the many places I hang out at.
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I always love looking at the Apple family's place.
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The Apple Family is pretty cool.
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It still amazes me how much dedication people put into their work, and result in an awe-inspiring masterpiece such as this. I've seen many art pieces, but this one...I have no true words to describe this. You sir, deserve a medal.
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This' beautiful!
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Wow this is amazing!!+fav 
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*Hums the tune of Lon Lon Ranch*
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I'm thinking of the Foxfire books again. :)
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