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The Ancients of Wind



"As embodiments of air they controlled the elements of weather, dancing on the clouds with their steps light like a breeze, raising and dispersing storms in a blink of an eye..."


So.. I've wanted to continue the idea of the "plant pony" piece I did earlier, thumbnailed below. Thinking about the story for that one spun me into thinking about all kinds of things about the past of Equestria, I wanted to build something of my own on that.

So with Tirek we learned that every type of pony has actual magic within and specific abilities brought by the magic, even earth and pegasi. That lead me to continue the idea of the last ancients piece with another form of magical elemental-ish ponies. So I ended up designing the ancestors of pegasi, the manifestation of magic they still have inside with the ability to control weather and elements of the sky.

The hardest thing about this whole idea was to choose whether I want the original Ancients to be either growth or magic, because both have contradicting design choices. But I have some other plans for the representation of magic...

Hopefully some already explained canon thing I haven't heard about wont clash with my ideas instantly. Although my whole idea is still very vague at this point.

The Ancients of Wind by HuussiiThe Ancients of Growth by Huussii
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Officially added to my headcanon! I always wondered how the Storm King powered his ships. Now I know! Because enslaving beautiful beings and stuffing them in engines is totally the sort of thing that would pop up in Friendship is Magic!