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The Ancients of Growth

"As the very embodiment of life itself they roamed the earth, one with the land, life wildly sprouting and flourishing everywhere they tread. Rumors with long lost origins tell their essence still inhabits the forests of Everfree."


Plant ponies!

This started as a random 30min character design for fun from an idea I got in AssasinMonkey's stream one night long time ago, I really recommend to take a peek and chat around his frequent streams, they're awesome. This one was so fun I wanted to get back to it, and finally did. I still wanted to keep it kind of rough and speedpainty, which actually got me greater results than I expected.. Total time ended up being around 3-4 hours.

I ended up going through a whole bunch of stories behind the picture, ranging from the source of Everfree's magic to the planters of tree of harmony and whatnot. EDIT: Refer to my newer picture, "Ancients of Wind" for more developed story.

It's something different, it was fun as hell to do.

Meanwhile, I've just given up with episodes for a while. I didn't find time to relax and watch episodes 10, 11 or 12 due to military, and then I just decided to keep stacking everything up for a marathon until I have a longer holiday once again.

The Ancients of Wind by HuussiiThe Ancients of Growth by Huussii
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Its an ent moot! Will they speak in entish?

Wait wait! Could these be the entwives? We've found them! Quick, someone tell treebeard he's married to a pony!
This is amazing. I love it too much. Thanks for sharing this.
It reminds me so much of Skyrim! Good job :D
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I freaking LOVE THIS!
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Alright. I can say, that I'm preety much amazed. Thank you for this masterpiece, as it brings good emotions to my day ;)
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Gahhh this is amazing! I'm writing a fanfic about the Everfree Forest (among other things) and now I feel like I have to find some way to include these creatures! So evocative and inspiring...
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the look reminds me of a story on FimFiction where there was a tribe of tree-like equine.
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I freaking LOVE THIS! 
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That's awesome. I could never paint that in my entire LIFE.
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Note to self. Never, ever, EVER try to practice Wand combat against these things!
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That's amazing. And if i did alreade made nine of them, this pice of art would be one of my inspiration souces. After all, it's still useful. They're not painted yet. So why not a bit like those.

The story behind my version of timber ponies is simple: i was searching for a replacement for those Manikins. Timber wolfes are too aggressive, so it turned to Manekins.
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Wow. This is one of those arts that makes you sit back and just stare.. to take in all the details. To... appreciate it.
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I've always had visions of plant ponies eversince I was a young child. Nice image.
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