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Splash of Fashion


And ambition makes it all complete~!


Funnily, when I started making this piece in last week's stream I didn't even know about the concept of this week's episode, or even the fact it's a Rarity episode. So it's not directly an episode -related piece.

Also, HATS!

-- more description soon-ish --
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Oh my goodness, this is fabulous!
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This is quite an inspiring and lovely take on the artistic mare. It's neat how the splashy background tightens up to define her so perfectly in the middle, not least of all for her contented smile and the spark of creativity in her eyes. Also, that hat is quite fabulous. Awesome work.
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She looks so good with her glasses.. :>>
but it always make me wonder... - she must be the Oldest of the group Oo
Twilight is probably the youngest, judging from first episodes - alongside Fluttershy. 
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Simply marvelous...! The brush effect gives an amazing touch here! And Rarity looks so divine! Love it! :heart: :love: :heart:
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This is pro level work. 
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Deliciously fabulous. :)
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Yep, that's incredible.  Simply incredible.  I'm a sucker for paint/ink streams and splotches.  Lemme, guess... made it to EqD?  [Looks] Yep, there's the bot.  Congrats!
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So beautiful!! I love the splash of rainbow colour , it looks like, hehe I know it sounds silly, but a gasoline puddle got splashed in.   ^_^  Raarity looks ever so elegant and love the pencil in her mouth, even though she's a unicorn and can easily "magic" her writing, she still does it the old fashioned way like Dashie and holds it in her mouth. <3 The hat is marvelous!! :D  So lavish!
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This is simply gorgeous~
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I really like how you used color in this!
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The artwork... It's so beautiful!

It has so much of Rarity in it, really shines her love of art and fashion :D
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I never noticed before, but the way her mane and tale are drawn makes them look like bolts of fabric!
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What if by saying "Dumb fabric", Sweetie Belle was actually cursing out at her sister? We may never know.
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This is just so beautifully cute!!  :3
I like.                                                                                                            Rarity encantada 
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Absolutely gorgeous.

Awesome work
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You pony fags ruined this site
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such hate, much jel
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This is beautiful. I was at that stream and I was really pleased to be there.
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