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Sleepless in Ponyville

Storytimes by the campfire


TIME LAPSE: [link]
Original time 7h 6min

(Update: A little bit of value separation on Dashie)
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I love this for the mood. <3

Stardust0130's avatar
As an Astronomy Mania, that is extremely stunning; you totally captured the beauty of the night sky and the universe:)
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stunning, very beautiful
Scourge227's avatar
How the shit do you get that affect?!
CreeppingDeath's avatar
amazingly gorgeous illustration :love:
FlaK96's avatar
damn this is gold!
Rainbow-Night's avatar
Absolutely love this piece 
ToksinBlak's avatar
Wow, look at the sky. It's beautiful...
Tygrahof's avatar
This is strikingly great work. You really bring the comic to life. 
ErikaJavert's avatar
I really love the lighting in this picture - and, just like all your work, it's gorgeous!
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Here's my version that changes the light focus to more just around the campfire, so that it's less busy and works well as a wallpaper.
SharpySaber's avatar
This is real pony art right here.
Engavar's avatar
ohmygoodness... amazing.
Sir, you're amazing, you are TRULY AMAZING, please don't you ever stop.
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Dang!this is RELLY detailed!
SilverWing27's avatar
lol Perfect. Even got Rarity on her couch lol.
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the first episode I saw of the show, then >I started joining the herd 2 weeks after and BAM! here I am!
PhoenixFlamesParrot's avatar
I love this! Keep up the fantastic work!
Makenshi179's avatar
This episode might be my favorite! Thank you so much for this gorgeous artwork!
Would you be interested in doing requests for compensation? I would love to hire you!
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what a fantastic scene you have painted
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