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Rocket Ride!

Screwball and Screw Loose, the two loose screws.



Inspired by the Rocket Ride album of Edguy. I don't know where the idea suddenly came from, really. I just wanted to brew up something mad with these characters.

And moooar space stuff. It's fun to paint.
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Is Screwball even a person? I thought it was just a manifestation brough to (temporary) life by Discord's chaotic powers.
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This looks so much fun! Both the depicted scene and the process of drawing it. I can see you had a great time :D keep it up.
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I'm trying to find the words to describe what I'm seeing, but the only thought coming to mind is "Hello, sexy."

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Is it weird that I imagine a Ren and Stimpy type of relationship among these two?
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Disturbing..... :| 
also ... did that purple mare steal "Button's" hat? ... (that gaming colt)
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LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!! *Free Icon/Emote* Twilight Hairball Pusheen *Free Icon/Emote* Fluffershy Pusheen *Free Icon/Emote* Ramen Pusheen Es increible! Rarity encantada Request from Bird-Spirit : 50x50 AppleJack Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon Rarity Hug Plz Filly Luna   Tpp By Creshosk-d4brw8k Applejack cute smile sprite Muffin-La Fancy Icon DSI Icon Zeek Icon 
ha, al fin se reunieron las 2 e hicieron algo loco.
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This is simply wonderful! :D Would it be okay if I used this for my facebook banner? :) It's just so pretty and funny, I'd love to use it. But I figured I'd best ask you first, seeing as it is your artwork.
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PS: Faved, downloaded...and downloading the Time Lapse video of this.
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This is without a doubt one of my most favest of faves.

...That and me being a Discord/Q Star Trek fan and all.
StreaksPsyche's avatar
WEEEEEEEE!!!! That looks like funnnnn!!!

Discord Rocket!!!
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Its a great picture and all, but I am very disturbed by it...
yoyohotmanjesus's avatar
rocket to insanity...
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Why does this remind me of League of legends? Oh right, Jinx
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Hahahhh! They trully are INSANE! :crazy:
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My favorite couple of crazy mares :D
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Chaos I love It! 
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Your dedication and skill leave me in awe, ser.
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Let me tell you how much I expected to see Edguy when I went to EQD today:  Zero.  I expected zero Edguy at EQD.  Thus, this was a pleasant surprise.
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Crazy, creepy, and.......cratastic? I dunno I ran out of ideas :P

This scene does fit these ponies, though
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