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Princess Celestia



"That dawn, sun felt much heavier to lift. Gentle morning mist flowing down from the mountains embraced the beauty of sunrise. Yet there was a light feeling of anxiety and ire in the wind.. Something was not quite right in the atmosphere.

She flew over the sleeping ponyville underneath, over the vast Everfree Forest.
Lightly landing on a cliff rising above the treetops she took her final gaze into the nightly horizon before the daylight takes over.

Moon silently descended down behind the landscape like it didn't even care about the princess, seemed like it was not under her control anymore, rather escaping the sunlight by itself. For a glimpse it seemed to twist the sky around it, attempting to tear it down to the darkness of the horizon with it

"It has been quite a while, my beloved sister.. Will the stars aid your escape?" "


Well that was cheesy, I am a terrible writer, I know. Just wanted to give it a try and bolster the mood somehow

Anyway, ~KeinZantezuken asked for me to draw Celestia in her benevolent, normal side. I already had a slight idea of drawing Celestia to "oppose" my Nightmare Moon picture so.. Yep.

I took some artistic freedom and reworked her style, especially the necklace a bit to strengthen the "bond" between this and NM. While the NM pic was overall dark, cold and sharp in style, I tried to make this luminous, warm and soft. Basically I went for some kind of a mirroring theme between these two

...I stumbled with contrasts and lighting, couldn't get them right looking whatsoever and just left it like this, meh.

MLP characters © Hasbro

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Epic! I feel the energy through the screen