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Nightmare Moon

"The night.. Will last.. Forever!"

And finally the work I just finished this day. I really haven't had this much fun drawing since the first pieces of digital art I drew! Especially rendering Nightmare moon was hell of a lot of fun, everything seemed to lock into place! This one came out much better than I expected

Yet those wings are still bothering me...

But anyway, I just need to get out of my "layer cancer".. I tend to always create backup layers and new layers for every goddamn little change I make..
When I counted the layers used, this one took me 62 layers, most of them were only temporal, but still.. The little perfectionist inside of me tells me to avoid failures like a plague.

MLP characters © Hasbro

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when i was 6-7 this was my favorite thing. love this then and now.
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Reminds me heavily of the Black Riders and that dreadful strike of terror they emanate.
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I can't find the damn song with this picture on it X(
It's instrumental and I think it's a kind of piano
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Hi. I love your art.  Someone had stolen your art…
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:D This is AMAZING!!!!
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Hi, I am Vitreous. I am a reviewer on Youtube for My Little Pony and I have been trying to do more Fan stuff lately And am doing a Fan Art Spotlight Episode for Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon soon. And I was wondering If I Could spotlight this pic! I am planning this episode for October 15th 2015. I won't use your picture without permission and I will give credit in both the video and in the description along with a link to your DeviantArt page. You can contact me through Deviantart by replying or Email me at

Anyway, the cut off date is October 9th as I need time to make the episode. Please contact me by then. Oh and I might as well give you a link to my channel and the previous spotlight episode.


Fleur Dis Lee’s Fan Art Spotlight:

Have a nice day. I hope to hear back soon!



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Sure thing! I'm totally fine with that.

Glad you like the ol' piece so much!
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Thanks for Permission, I will be sure to send you a link when the video is completed.

That will probably be some time in the middle of October. Thanks!
PonyPalaceHLHstudios's avatar
Alright, I finished the video, so here's a link for you!
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Would love to use this for some album artwork if thatd be cool
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Sure thing! I'd appreciate if you'd put a source link down somewhere, if possible. =p
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i had to crop down the size in photoshop but kept the signature in the bottom corner for artist credit lol 
heres a link to the single, love it (the art i mean) its so metal!!…
will be sure to put a link for artwork in the description
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There is one thing these comments are missing.


May I use this pic for a fimfic. (I'll send you a link once it's done.)
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No way, i've seen this picture a thousand times, and i found you a couple days ago, WHY HAVE I NOT FOUND YOU EARLIER!?CURSE YOU! 
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this is such a cool version of nightmare moon. it shows her all powered up and on the move. leaving a wake of darkness behind her. love it!
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This is absolutely beautiful!Clap 
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