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Memento of the Times Long Gone

Time lapse:…

Finally caught up with episodes last weekend, watched 3, 4, 5 and 6 all in a row. I absolutely loved everything about episode three, so I decided to do something about the castle. I don't know how I haven't done anything about it this far, it's such a nice thing to paint simply due to all the story behind it. I just haven't done indoor or architecture stuff that much in general.

Yeeeaaah.. All I can say is sorry. Even though Christmas holiday is rolling and I finally have some time to chill out and release steams, I still haven't got myself really active. I didn't even get an idea for any holiday picture and such. Should'a thought one out beforehand 'cause I wasn't home a lot during the actual Christmas days. I can't help feeling bad about it.

In any case, merry (late) Christmas everypony! Hope you had a good one.

Ohmygod this is the first time I've drawn Twilicorn...
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I love "In the ruins"-type pictures like this. Just something majestic about seeing the remnants of the past
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Just letting you know, I'm going to use this for one of my YouTube videos (I'll link back to this, of course). Thanks for being such a wonderful artist. :)
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Your art is magic.
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The contrast between lights and shadows in the abandoned castle is magnificent. It brings those feelings about majestic and ancient times with such power. The characters fit also well into the picture with your paintinglike style which I really enjoy! :)
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I'm not a fan of MLP, but this piece is beautiful.
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This is very nice work you did I'm impressed!Nod 
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your arts are aways perfect
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Soooo freaking awesome :o (Eek) 
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I don't like MLP but I admit, this is pretty epic!
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Brilliant!!!!so cool
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AWESOME! How did u even draw that?
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See this kind of art work is part of the reason why I like My Little Pony. :D (Big Grin) 
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I love the tapestries!
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This is so bucking awesome
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This reminds me of Tera. The giant Pegasus entrance to Velika.
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jeezus fucking christ, it makes me happy to see what amazing art there exists
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The lighting, sweet Celestia the lighting! <3

Btw I'm going through all your art and favouriting it, hope you don't mind! :D
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