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March 1, 2013
MLP - Lone Denizen of Everfree by *Huussii
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by michaelajunker
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Lone Denizen of Everfree

"Even the darkest forest welcomes you, if you are willing to welcome it too."

TIME LAPSE: [link]

Original time 7h 18min (excluding sketching and last minute tweaks)

Nope, I'm not hopping into Twilicorn train. Have some Zecora instead!

Decided to go a lil' bit further with this one 'cause I love forests. Aaalso trying to use more colors once again, I really need to learn my way out of the mostly desaturated style.

Edit: Cheers! Thank you ~michaelajunker and everyone else for finding it appealing enough for DD. I feel like I've actually accomplished something during these last two years.
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Hi, add me to friends on the website ↪…
CollinMagney's avatar
I love the amount of detail in this. ;)
Dreaminatom's avatar
The amount of detail in this is astounding, especially for a piece done in 7 hours! Love the chalk-like effect of the brushstrokes and lighting as it really adds to the rough yet eerie calm nature surrounding Zecora. The mist in the distance from the waterfall is a nice perspective touch too. Lovely piece! :heart:
RichyX15CR's avatar
Amazing just amazing
Zorbonaut's avatar
The Rhyming Renegade.
Tesseradical17's avatar
this is beautiful work
Warriors77495's avatar
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're ART is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BenCooneyTheGuardian's avatar
Oh, I know Zecora. I first met her when those angry plants attacked Ponyville, but she also helped me out of the Everfree Forest after a Cragadile attack.

As a thank you, I helped her gather some herbs and plants in that exact same spot.
Mafon's avatar
Woods in all your pictures are just magnificently charming
VioVayo's avatar
Holy wow, that background! How much time did you spend on that, it's amazing!
jonadiah's avatar
Zecora needs more love, I think!
J25TheArcKing's avatar

Everfree Forest, woohh...


HollandPhoenix's avatar
oooh!  This is my favorite so far!  What a lot of work these must take you!!
whycantiliveinhyrule's avatar
Hello, I am a up and coming youtube pony DJ with 2 mixes out and every sunday another comes up. i would like to ask if i may incorperate this piece of amazing art in my video. i will give credit in the annotations and the description. 
Huussii's avatar
Sure thing, if you haven't found something else by now. Heh. =p
whycantiliveinhyrule's avatar
Thank you ever so much. 
If you care here is the link to the vid:…
Oh and Sorry about putting the video up before so said i could. 
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Definition of this drawing: EPIIIIIICCCCCC!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
Kylami's avatar
Best quote ever~
Adaphion-Kaparose's avatar
Darkness and evil are often misconception as being one and the same, this is not true in the slightest evil simply cowers in the darkness because there is so much of it - Adaphion Kaparose, the namesake of my username
Nitachann's avatar
This is so beautiful and detailed! Zecora looks so pretty~ This deserves a fav!
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