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Last Train Home


"Oh Manehattan~"


Taking a trip towards new, glorious season of pone.

Have some music to go with the piece:…
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holy crap this is amazing <3 <3
CauseNPC's avatar
I like your art style.
nightdinner123's avatar
Is it not a better idea Pinkie Pie leaves her party cannon home.
LadySlick's avatar
I love you art Hussi!
SilverQuiII's avatar
Sweet Drawing! Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap 
rio-grande's avatar
Like the bridge design.
HawkerHurricane1940's avatar
Great art style. It's got a late summer/early autumn feel to it. (It does to me anyway).
MelStarpen's avatar
Awesme work hereLove Love Love Love Love 
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Oh man, these pieces continue to just blow me out of the water.  Not to mention fuel an impressive collection of wallpapers that I have for my computer. ^O^

Really do get mesmerized when looking at something in the scale of MLP and how grand, lush and lively the whole world is.  There's so much to see, so much to take your eyes away I really have to credit artists like you who think to add such depth, life and beauty to an already wonderful world.

Even have to admit there's a hint of either Fall weather here or it could just be the orange glow of the city.  For whatever reason, I really have to admit the calmness the colors and where they get to you and when you really stop and look onto both Rarity and Pinkie Pie for something you could only call as a job well done, lol.

Very amazing perspective work on both the train making it curve the track and even the grand scale of the statue as overtakes the look of the city and further onto the depth of all the many buildings.  I have  no clue how anyone could bring this all together in this mind, but some artists really know how to take inspiration when it comes to them and credit again to you  Huussii for really going the distance here.

Like to throw in lovely work on the smaller more tinier things you almost miss that give the environment its truly feeling of life.  From the ducks in the water, the waves, the bull-rushes on the shore, to even the steam as is lightly floats on top and along the train.

Your a brilliant artist to take such a simple idea and come back with such lush look of everything else around that idea.  Hats off to you 
 Huussii and please keep up the inspirational work. *nods*

Kyoshyu's avatar
Beautiful! Love the little ducks. :)
TheSisters2's avatar
This is very beautiful! Great work! :clap: :heart:-Kay
jghgrh's avatar
Amazing and fantastic work.
JNinelives's avatar
This is gorgeous. I never went for epic battle scenes - it's things like this that make me feel you really are an exceptional artist.
Huussii's avatar
Heh, Thank you! I tend to do both depending on my overall mood. Sometimes I feel so pumped up I'm itching to go for something with an impact, sometimes I just calm and have a cup of tea while feeling like portraying the beauty of life. It almost feels like there's no in-between!
JNinelives's avatar
You're welcome! :)
Have you heard this song by Billy Joel?…
What you say about excitement and calm reminds me of that ^^.
(except yours sounds perhaps a little healthier hehe :) )
K4nK4n's avatar
Very nice image. Oh look, ducks!
LolaDotz's avatar
wow this is exquisite! I love this so much!
TartarusFire's avatar
Fantastic Background.

But do ponies have power lines?
          Chibi Rarity Belle Icon 
ijustloveit619's avatar
For some reason this image brings a tear to my eye (;
fizzycolalizzie's avatar
Holy crap. So gorgeous. I love the look of the dust the train is kicking up, and the lighting on the city. Dang.
This looks like a painting.
How'd you do that?!?!?!
FlavinBagel's avatar
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