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King of the Forest

Who then died in an epic battle... Choking to a stone. Spike could've at least lit him on fire for some dramatic effect.

TIME LAPSE: [link]

Original time 4h 9min. (excluding sketching and last minute tweaks off camera)

Semi quickie. Moar evul characters to ta pile.

I was pretty damn lazy with all the debris, but I guess that'll do for now..
Never actually noticed he had a crown before I took a closer look at him for reference.
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There is this impressionistic background and this high-detailed depth in the same time... That feels so real and scary !
Is it some kind of representation of the tunneled vision caused by the stress ?
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Watch out! The king of Timberwolves and Ruler of the Everfree is here!La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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So cute wolf , why did they killed it ;'D
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Oh ho! So you're the artist! I saw the video ages ago xP. Was blown away. Love this image, and all your work. Its so detailed....
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Your work is always really great.

Agree the baby dragon should have toasted him, but I wouldn't be surprised of that is something in the "Do not do this" book from Hasbro. The foul smelling breath was probably even a Chekhov's Gun for them being filled with flammable gas.

And that is a real shame since if Spike HAD made timberwolf flambe in show, then there would have been fan art of the Timberwolf King being teleported to Sunbutt's throne room.
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is this a scene from MLP?
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Yes it is actually. A very short and way more cartoony one though but eh, still there. =p
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sorry x'D can you tell which episode and season it is inx'D
sleepystarspider's avatar
Season 3 episode 9 - Spike at Your Service.
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thanx so amazingly much :hug:
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Make a poster of MLP equstia girl, and make it badass!
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Even better than in the show, I doubt Spike could defeat this Timberwolf king by just throwing a rock down its throat.
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yeah but without Hasbro's Standard and Practices, Spike could presumably use his firebreath to light the critter's breath gas.
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now THAT looks AWESOME!!!!
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Yay the timberwolves! It's nice to see cool drawings of some of Equestria's interesting creatures like them.
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Don't even bring the fire up.
Like, seriously, a dragon fighting a bunch of sticks?
Dragon used rock.
It's super efective.
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Doesn't this remind you of Harry Potter and the Tree? I forgot what the tree was called but It whacks everything in it's range of distance.
XxRoseTheWolfxX's avatar
The Whomping Willow.
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i love this image, it is so beautifully well done, would you mind if i used it for a song? i will of course give you credit both in the video and the description, thanks so much :)
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