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King Sombra

We still hear his laughter of triumph in our ears...

While I was dissapointed in the design of the character (first thing I thought was some ponification TBH) and how little we got to know of him, AND the fact he barely spoke anything apart from single words, he still had enough of somethingsomething to inspirate me.
But yah, considering the real target audience and the time Sombra had to be introduced in, he sure served his purpose as a constant menacing threat in the distance with his personality alone. He didn't entirely need that oh so deep story, but at least something would've been nice when compared to earlier villains.

Played a little bit more with lighting and colors here than I usually do.

For now I can't come up with a better title, whatevs. =p
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Would you mind if I use this for as a cover for my Wattpad story? I'd obviouly give you credit and leave a link to this image or proile if you'd prefer that instead.