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Just Another Day on the Gem Fields

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I'd love to see Diamond Dogs again...

On another note, I really do feel like I'm out of touch.. I simply can't get things look right.
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in germany we would say "was für ein Hundeleben" (what a dogs life!)
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this makes me think of this song…
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zilvartProfessional Digital Artist
okey now i've seen everything! nice drawing though.
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Another moment in Rarity's life I didn't know about. What's with that dog?
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juliawolfyHobbyist General Artist
Hia this is REALLY good like omg good. um ya so the only thing i don't like about it is the magic..... well not how you draw it cause it looks good when you do it but normally i just don't like it. 

Nice job :happybounce: La la la la I am a dummy! Clap Huggle! :happybounce: La la la la I am a dummy! Clap Huggle! :happybounce: La la la la I am a dummy! Clap Huggle! 

P.S. Here-for-the-ponies   I totally agree I can't draw anything without it in my opinion looking terrible.
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Rarity: (singing) Weee are here to collect some gems
Collect so gems, collect some gems
We are to collect some gems
Until we fill this box.
(normal voice) How are thing back there Spike?
Spike: We are doing great! We are very close to fill this box. A couple more and this one will be full.
R: Excellent! And you down there?
Diamond Dogs: *groan* I-I can't feel my legs....
R: Oh! Stop it! You keep complaining for a little weight over your shoulders. You'll be fine.
DD: *groan* Fine? *pfff* I'm close to fell off by exhaustion! This is so heavy... *groan*
R: Want me to whine and complain myself? I have enough material for....
DD: Nooo! *pfff* Just... fill this one faster! I can't hold anymore....
R: That's what you said with the last two ones. And yet you can hold this one like a champ! It won't be long....
DD: Hurry!
S: Okay Rarity, this one's full. You can put it... Woah!
DD: *heavy breathing* I'm exhausted...
R: Dear Celestia! Are you alright?
DD: No. My back hurts.... my legs feels like pastas and my arms....
R: So you can't hold the next box...
DD: Are you crazy? Of course not!
R: That's too bad.
DD: Why's that?
R: That one was for you for thanking you for your precious help and... What are you doing?
The diamond dog stood up, took another big empty box and put it over his shoulders.
R: You can't continue in your state! You'll die of exhaustion! Or... hurt your back or a leg..
DD: I know how much I can take. And it would do anything to get more gems! Your next batch is better be great than the others.
R: Uh.... Yeah. We'll see about that. Spike would you.. *she gestured him to come closer*
Spike: I know this feeling. Me too I would do anything for biting in more g-
R: Spike? Did you make sure the other boxes were ready for bringing them back home? I don't trust him at all.
S: I think he feels the same way about you. But, yeah the other ones are already on carts, ready to be pulled. I'll ready this one with the other diamond dogs while you go with this one. Are you going to be okay?
DD: Are you done? We have lot of gems to get.
R: Just a minute!!! Oh! I'll be fine. Go prepare everything so we could leave quickly.
S: Okay Rarity. Take care. See you later.
R: I always take care of myself, Spike. *smile* *Spike smiled back* Okay mister dog, let's get those gems.
DD: Finally.

You piece is simply an amazing work of art with the awesome work on Rarity, Spike and.... was it Rex his name? I like their expression and lot of details you put in this. I just couldn't express it good enough, so I wrote the little story. I hope you like.
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
I think the whole scene looks fabulous, but each artist is their own worst critic.
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Preview of the next episode?
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AaronMkStudent Digital Artist
The scariest thing here is Rarity's mouth.
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GlacialFallsHobbyist Digital Artist
I want to be able to tell you why Rarity's face looks a little bit off to me... But I can't pick up the specifics of it... ^^;
This work is really, really good regardless of whatever your small error there was. :)
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Just-Call-Me-JProfessional General Artist
... please tell me this was just made today/yesterday (I wasn't on yesterday)
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Who beats dog's eye? Sadists!
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RainbowSplashMAPHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! the details are awesome!
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Awesome job.
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ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
The D.D. need a cameo for the next season,unless they make one during the season final.
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
I miss Diamond Dogs, too... maybe they'll return sometime... at least they appear on the Rainbow Rocks movie, that's a thing, I guess... :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
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question why is spike sitting there on the crate of diamonds and doesnt help rarity dig? not that i wanted to complain or anything but i toguht spike was the oen digging the diamonds/gems
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tought* one* i should type better and reread everything i type
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If I had to guess it looks like they already dug them up from the picture. I assume that she's just going through and tossing them to Spike to place in the cart, since they've already been dug up and she doesn't ahve to get, dare I say it, dirty. 
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
ah okey. but from this point of view it looked like she dug them up.
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Yeah, until you said something and I really looked it's a little hard to tell, but you can see the holes and the pushed up dirt and the amethyst waiting in the far left bottom corner waiting to be magically picked up and tossed in.
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
lets just say that they got picked up and thrown in the crate by rarity, if she dug them or not
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chrisTULA092Student Digital Artist
Sooooo awesome!! OoO
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