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"...You will be."

A semi-quick, rather experimental piece.

I often tend to struggle with very sharp and "perfect" shapes, like crystals or modern buildings, one or two is still no problem to figure out but painting a whole bunch of them in considerable amount of time seems to be something I cannot wrap my head around. Decided to try this scene out.

Left it quite rough as I mainly wanted to play with the overall idea more. Lighting ended up being a bit all over the place, but does the job for now I guess.
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"Imprisoned by Huussii"....  why did you imprison her? :(

Just kidding ;)
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omg omg I asbsolutly love this piece!!! wowie you did a great job!
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What blending mode/method did you use for the stone texture?
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Made a version with a digitally smoothed out twi:
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Crystal Cave, I like crystals, it just amazes how they take those shapes and never been cut into those shapes. This really captures that scene from the show when Queen Chrysalis traps Twilight.
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this is gorgeous . I have had it set as my desktop background for a while now and I decided to find out where it came from and give thanks to the artist. 

... okay, you're my favorite thing on the internet right now, and you are amazing
Is there a way I can get a "portrait version" of this?
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please don't send this type of message many people have fair...and sometimes this messages can make problems...i ask you only this...Nod  

what ever...this is when twilight search Cadence! COOOL!
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I don't think I remember Twilight telling me about a place like that. Was she trapped in there?
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Her horn shines greatly.
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DAAAHHHH I remember this part of teh episode... DahEvilCandenceComesOutButDenDayDanceAndEverythingIsOk
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Woah... this sure looks wonderful... :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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thank you. my fav scene from my fav episode depicted perfectly!!!
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I love the purple colors on the crystals from dark to light, especially on Mrs Sparkle... :D

Trapped by crystals !

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Neat, very nicely done!
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I love her coat.
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The lighting detail is simply amazing in this picture. I love it! =D
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Delightfully creepy. :)
May I use this for a custom Magic the Gathering card?
I'll make sure to credit you and make a link to you deviant art page.
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Amazing but it little picture is not quite sharp even it verry fantastic so please take it as a komplemang. :tighthug:
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Unique and amazing detail to the artwork
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