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Hop, Skip and JUMP!

Pinkie just being.. Pinkie.


TIME LAPSE: [link]
Original time 7h 22min

Did some Ivan Shishkin study while painting this one, I want to make sweet love with all the beautiful trees and forests he paints.

...Oh my god I forgot to add birds AGAIN. Please don't follow my morbid mistakes
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This painting is my main wallpaper.
GreenBrothersArt's avatar
man! you know how to make great Atmospheres for your paintings. Good Job
Quicksilver1987's avatar
This isn't just a painting! It's an impressionist style of the real thing! You found the portal! 
x-nolongeractive's avatar
This art style reminds me of the art style of a children's book
This would make a great children's book!
MaskedMenace833's avatar
The way you use scenery and environment in your paintings always adds huge wow-factor to them. Very professional, another great work. 
Oh my God this is SO Pinkie... I loved your work, I loved everything about this one <3
Warriors77495's avatar
AHAHAHAH! Rarity's face!!! sorry.
LunaBestPrincess's avatar
Step one: Try not to be so self-conscious
Two: Shift your weight into your haunches
Three: Give a leap into the air and
Four: Just forget your parents are both dead!

Chin up! Even if you're not adopted
It's not because you are unwanted
But it might help if you were magic
Not just a boring ugly pink earth pony who nopony will ever love because you're unworthy!

(Sorry.I couldn't resist.:3)
monocreme's avatar
it's weird being all real
BenCooneyTheGuardian's avatar
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your REALLY GOOD at making like mystical landscaping!
BaronVonBubble's avatar
Wallpaper? Wallpaper.
JNinelives's avatar

Paper walls..
paper paper. Wall! :)

*jumping around like Pinkie*
Soobel's avatar
Like Pierre Auguste Renoir. Do something of that artists classics with ponies! :D
Kujiiro's avatar
Once you give them a bit more realism, you realize just how weird the things they do are.
PonyAlfonso's avatar
:iconpinkiepieplz: :iconsaysplz: chimmy-cheery or cheery-changa?
MLPegasis4898's avatar
:music: It's not very far just move your little rump... :music:
Hahahh! Love Rarity's "wut?" face!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
LittleDemon2304's avatar
Just love it!! No need for bird, its already perfect :D
KingdomHeartsEWY's avatar
So cute, and well painted! <3
KoyHaert's avatar
nicely done on the backround and lighting!!!!!!!!!
RainbowXCartman's avatar
This is wonderful! I love how your art feels so real! :)
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Classy and groovy, I like it, your work is appreciated well done!
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