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Oil on board canvas
Size 41 x 33 cm / 16.1 x 13 inches

Yay! Finally got this oil painting done. In working time it took only about 20h, but that was scattered across whole six months or so due to my laziness. The act of oil painting is hell of a lot of fun but starting or ending a session is such pain I couldn't really get my lazy ass moving..

I'm pretty happy with it for now, considering it's one of the first oil paintings I've ever done.. Fourth to be exact. It's incredible how well different mediums transition to one another. I had a huge dose of Bob Ross to get environment oil painting rolling for me though.

One thing I regret is that I didn't choose a larger canvas, I was way more intimidated by it than I should've been. Other is that I took way too long doing this, and now as I've improved I realize a lot of mistakes I can't fix anymore at this point (with my current skill level, at least) without spending another pile of hours on it.

Took hell of a long while to get a good photo out of this.. The lighting and color balance are still pretty off. Some of the paint was also still a bit wet, so I'll likely try to take another picture later.
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Beautiful art style