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Heart of the Wild


You pick only what you brew, but you're still bound to anger a few.


Off to year 2016!

Zecora always struck as a mysterious, yet wise and strong individual. Even in the alternate timeline she's leading the refugees, whether it is just because she's the most knowledgeable of the Everfree or not remains a question. But to face all the dangers of Everfree, you'll have to be very cunning and swift.

But yeah, hopping back into some good old environment painting with less extravagant color play, and a bit of new studies about the rules of more muted tones. Also learning to handle some new brushes a little better. Trying to start the new year a little stronger than before overall.
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shes badass this' but a stroll in the park for her

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Very good grasp on varying the softer colors in the scene here. There's just enough light to know where everything is yet the impact of the pink blast in the backdrop helps Zecora to stand out in space more. Wonderful work! :heart:
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Wow, this looks amazing. 
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Wonderfully done!!
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That's great, how do you get the shadows to blend in so well?
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Lo que mas desearia en la vida es que hasbro nos lleve al reino de las zebras eso seria un cap increible y mucho material para los fant arts
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I wish the show looked like this! 
Such a wonderful picture! So much color, detail, and action! But as well it has a softness which is fitting of the show and of Zecora's character. No intense violence here. Just a quick escape on an average day.

Speaking of escape, what is that smoke supposed to be? Is it a smoke bomb? Does Zecora throw something down and make herself vanish in a puff of pink smoke?
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We need some Zecora vs Timber Wolf action scene in the Series :D
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Beautiful job!!! :D
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Wow, nice details. :)

I hear the call of the wild! To my side!
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damn this is art
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Could u do my OC with her mom Rarity
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OMG! Wooow! This is so cool and epic! The action on this masterpiece is truly amazing! Love it! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Love that addition of the pink smoke bomb! Zecora looks badass, indeed! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
Excellent job! ;)
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This is many ways of awesome. :)
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She definitely is a great character and you did a good job showing that.
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Freaking awesome :D
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Fantastic work! I love how dynamic this is!
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Very interesting effect with timberwolfes, like they merge with a background / like they be a part of it!
Paljon kiitoksia Huussii, that you create such magnificent artworks!
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wow! reary cool!
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