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Keepin' it calm and flutterin' on~


TIME LAPSE: [link]

Original time 9h 44min. (excluding sketching, and last minute changes during the video rendering)

Inspired by a certain scene from a certain movie.. I don't even know where the idea came from all of a sudden.
..Aaand a little bit of The Jungle Book too.

Gosh, it has been over a year since my last Fluttershy piece, time to step it up a bit. Gave this more time, and it's pretty much the first piece in a long time I'd call a major one. Although I could've cut like over an hour of goofing around if I just did more planning and thumbnail sketches. You'll see from the time lapse how ridiculously many changes some aspects got until they looked right.

My last forest piece (Zecora) ended up being extremely cold in terms of colors, so I went for something warm now.
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