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Get Mah Buckin' Rope

Ah've had it with these darn teenage dragons on this darn field.


This one was interesting. I've always had issues with balancing between painterly realistic and uncanny valley. Haven't done any proper detailed closeups for that reason, so this one was fun to figure out. At first it looked okay, then for a long while it was outright weird until it started to somewhat work out towards the very end. Very experimental piece in the end. Also APPAJACK.

Haven't done proper landscape pieces in a while.. But I'm pretty sure my next one will make up for it, I'm pretty excited about it.
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"twilight.., get my rope" i love that episode XD 
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I love Aj's leaved mustache! and her expression is beautifully well done!
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That may be the most perfect Snakes on a Plane reference I've ever seen.
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Applejack: someone's gonna get fucked up

Twilight: oh fak!
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Do you use sponges when you paint? Because That's the only explanation I can get for the texture in the left-center of Apple's hair.
I like ponies, and this is awesome
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Apple Jack Daniels?
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oh man i love the expressions here. such great work.
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The expression in Applejack's face
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Man, looks so serious and so silly at the same time. I like it.
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You captured AJ's intensity and Twi's worried look really well!  
PrincessEmbraceMLP's avatar
I agree, It's just perfect! (I love your name, by the way.) XD 
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Nice!!! Looks pretty amazing!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Now she is ready to kick some flank
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"Twalah..... geh mah rope"
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LOVE these two. Just awesome!  Great work.
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@$$ Wiping inbound, brace for impact!
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hahah Simply great XD I absolutely love that art style of yours :D Composition is great and idea itself is pretty original :clap:
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And then The moment is ruined when they tie themselves up
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