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Flower of the Wastelands

"I see that the rebuilding is going well, my young prince"


Off the rails like tenth time now and back again, sorry for all the unanswered comments and notes, I'll try to get to it. This coincidentally tends to happen every time summer is over, I can't believe it has been months.

Anyway, my first pony work on Cintiq Companion 2 proved a little difficult mostly due to differences in contrasts and brightness between the monitors despite all my color calibration attempts. Ended up having to tweak a lot of stuff although I had done some smaller works on it previously, which did look alright. All in all, transition from normal tablet to Cintiq felt like taking a huge amount of steps backwards in work process and quality. It still feels like as if I had lost some kind of touch altogether, which might in addition to new tools also be due to having too long breaks between practicing. Maybe I'll get it all back later, and wont try something too crazy for my next works on Cintiq.

I still have lots of episodes to watch to catch up completely. Finale was something really refreshing though!</b>
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So beautiful!!! 🤩 Takes a lot of talent to make something like that. It’s spectacular. Great job!!

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That the most beautiful art work in detail and the shade and background are nicely done. It look so Classic.

-Stay Classic-
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 *Bow's down* "teach me your ways"
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Nice art work you did.
BrobietPie's avatar
hows going bro? semms bit quiet recently
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Great work. How's things going?
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I would love to see Thorax interact with Celestia more maybe they can fight bad guys together
PonyStemCell's avatar
I really like the details on Thorax' body, as well as all the changelings at work in the background. Well done!
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Aaaw, this is beautiful. :)
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leaked season 7 episode scene
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My artistic thoughts: "I love this picture, its simply gorgeous to look at, and the blends of colors simply pop!"

My Personal changeling thoughts: *Gah!* "Fake! Fake King! Ah! For the Queen! ... Sorry..."
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Very nice use of colors and an amazing background and attention to detail
But who's the insectoid pony? The, so-called, "prince"?
RusReality's avatar
Вблизи так и наблюдаешь кучу, просто гору лени.
Да уж, лень сваливает и великих)
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very nice makes me want to draw thorax too
Anglepenguins12's avatar
Gaaawd i just love your style. This is perfection
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Amazing, this is so beautiful! This must have taken ages, I love the painted style of it and the shadows and the general feeling of the piece. Thorax is quite handsome and I love all the colours used to shadow this piece.
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Fantastic !!! just awesome. how much time are you using for this amazing pic ? :)
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Oh huussii you're a prodigy
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This is fantastic! I love your work, please keep creating!!
SentireAeris's avatar
Marvellous! How long did this take?! :O
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