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Exiled Druids of Lornwood


“Don’t you run into the forest alone, lest by a druid you are turned into stone”
- A common phrase to scare children from getting lost.

A long time ago, new caste of magic users were born in the Land of Light. Greatly gifted and often wise beyond their years, through decades of study in nature they were able to combine light and earth magic into what they called life magic. These scholars of Audinburgh were finally accepted into the circle as the first druids. They were also the first to consistently combine two elements successfully without side effects, and paved a way for new theories and discoveries in magic and its behavior.

Following the First Elemental War, during which the element of light was the only one to remain dormant, all other types of magic were deemed dangerous in the Land of Light. During the Great Purge of Lux Aeterna, druids, among other impure magic users were exiled from the land. They fled into the surrounding forests, forming small tribes and communities, swearing to never return in an event that their services and knowledge would be needed again. Through the propaganda of King Farlon, their entire centuries of reputation was slowly wiped away, their image reduced to nothing but monsters, twisted sorcerers, and betrayers of light.

As their numbers thinned among the scarce wildlands, they adapted and developed new ways to survive and lengthen their lifespan. They learned to cultivate their own magic and feed on it, conjuring wells of raw power they hid deep in the forests. These pools would grow and slowly absorb energy from the ground around them, providing a lasting supply of magic to live with.

They dress up in gifts of the forest to channel their magic, and adapt better amongst the animals through scents and appearances. Among other side effects and malformations, their bodies covered in roots and vines to nurture their bodies, they've grown taller and more powerful than ever. No longer they pledge faith to the gods, they’ve become akin to an image of one. 

But what is the price of losing your humanity and becoming what everyone feared of? 


Excerpt from the Book of Druidism, chapter 3: Behavior of Life Magic:

"... As the most powerful uses of druidic life magic rely on channeling the magic through a physical object or a living being, they often have a vessel to imbue and practice their magic with. As a vessel, most druids are accompanied by companion animals, also as a respect to their close affinity with nature. In dire situations and military use, they could temporarily empower the animal with life to turn one into a hulking beast. When used on humans however, this has a heavy toll on their health for unknown reasons. ..."


So yeah, nature, nature, and MORE NATURE!

Continuing 'Tales of Aeternia'  in a pretty much random order in chronological terms. This would be taking place before the events that lead to The Downfall
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I'm so glad to find the original. I've seen it used in many places. I love this painting! I'm glad to see the story, too.

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"So yeah, nature, nature, and MORE NATURE!" ...
I want to do that toooo !!!!! *roll roll roll...* But everything I do won't go right ! *hide under her blanket*.... *take the tablet and try again, again and again !*
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woahhh man this is sick
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I love how you light the image to naturally draw attention to your main figure.  Also the lighting on the wolf makes it look like he's wearing a crown xD
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Can I use this as my dnd Druid background?

Tortola drag people across multiple world into a new universe to populate it. Most of which were singled out as powerful or are a prospect to become powerful.
So ya, interested in possibility.
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Looks great! I like the concept of the druid too.
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This is absolutely majestic! <3
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Incredible. I could just get lost in your forest here. :D
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Yes, I did! I've been fan of Warcraft series for over ten years, so I'm actually way more influenced by the games and lore than the movie, which was still at least visually a beautiful experience. I try to be almost way too conscious about my influences and where I'm picking up things from, but I've been so close to Warcraft for so long that I still must have some subconscious ones as well.

However, that piece you linked was already pretty much finished back in December or so, but took hell of a long time to actually finish and submit for good. =p
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That one druid is one badass motherfucker
Mess with him at your own risk
I'm digging those antlers
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Such beautiful stuff in there, I'm not worthy! :D
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The detail is amazing, holy crap.
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I don't have the patience to read through his backstory now, but he does look pretty interesting...
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That is awesome work.
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