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"Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing."


Yeeeah, I wanted to try out more humans. It's been like over a year since the last time I've tried painting one.

The renaissance noble whatever style clothing is something many people do for Discord aaand I just decided to follow it, other than that it's just made while trying to block out the influences I've got from all the other fanart in hopes to get something unique-ish.

I had this one kinda started a long time ago, so no time lapse this time.

Also, sorry! I've been really dead in deviantart for a while and have been reeeeally slow about checking and answering comments and notes.

Edit: GAWD, here you go some Sheogoraths, will you now notice the difference? :(
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♥️♠️to be honest... It would've been more better, if discord took over Equestria. Who else is thinking that?♦️♣️