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Done during the currently ongoing Celebi-Yoshi charity stream! We all decided to start by painting her OC, Dawnfire. As I'm currently working on another color splashy piece, I decided to try and have a little more fun with this one too.

Although my part is over, the streams will last this whole Sunday with various other artists. The current multistream rooms are:

Refer to my journal Sunday Special: Celebi-Yoshi Charity stream! or her original one Life, family emergency, loss for more information about the whole situation, as in why we're doing this. She does some amazing art and it'd be a shame to see her go down in a financial crisis.
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Fabulous! I love it!
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Niiice! Looks really lovely and awesome! :dance: :dance: :dance:
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This is so pretty!😊
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This is amazing oh my
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Such warm colours.
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This is SOOO cool!
:D (Big Grin) 
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This looks awesome, the pony look really cute and the background looks awesome. Good job :D
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My eyes are glued to this one particular piece for some reason... This style of yours, especially lately, reminds me so much of Guild Wars II artwork... And suffice to say, I have watched few streams of yours, yet I still have almost no clue, how you do the magic, good sir :) But beautiful, really... just beautiful.
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Love the splashy colors
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                   Heart Happy clapping pixel icon 
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Beautiful!! I love Dawnfire ^.^
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Very cool, hope she likes it
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oh my.. thats amazing
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Well, that looks gorgeous! :dummy:
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