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Been running pretty low on passion and haven't get anything done at all after that timberwolf scene painting.. So I decided to dig up something I really do like to draw and paint another semi-quick painting about some episode scene. Picked this one as I wanted to dabble with some.. Well, forest-like scenery again and also had some interest to try some architectural things. Injected a little bit of my own style once again with the temple.

Yet I ended up to love working with this one so much I decided to really give it much more attention.

Decided to really go and push into it some stronger colors as I normally like to work with pretty desaturated ones and a mighty jungle just needed that kinda lush oomph into it. It became a bit overly green though.

...I definately need more jungle reference material...

And yeah, I couldn't really come up with a fitting name for the pic.

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I really love your art so I finally get ti critique it ^.^! The colours are all mostly differents shades of green so the sky really brightens it up and stands out. You made the essence of the forest very realistic. The birds really set the mood. I love the colours but Daring-Do could have been a seperate colour from the grass. Thats the only real thing I have to critique on your art. I was just wondering though...could you draw a picture of Fluttershy baby fllowing little Dashie with her trying to teach her to fly I think it would be cute. I know you can do it!
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As always, it amazes me that you are able to whip out works of such quality in such a short amount of time. If you find yourself needing inspirations for drawings, both pony and non-pony, do not hesitate to contact me, as I have far to many concepts and scenes to ever hope to draw on my own. Now, onto your work...
The color scheme is an interesting choice for a south american jungle, but I believe it is one that captures the eccence of the scene. However, a small amount more of a brown or brown gree would add some contrast to the work. The eye glare from the temple's "face" is a welcome detail, but it seems to reach just a tad far out. The bandages on Dariong's wing are excelent, as is the rest of her, however the tail seems to be a bit too inward. Thos may have been intentional on your part, but the countour of the tail, when me with that of her hind leg, seems a bit off, though I cannot say why. Finally, you may wish to change the level of perspective based blur, as the are is far more humid, and images of jungle temples invariable include some sort of visual representation of the opressive, moist heat.
Your work is, as ever, stunning, and any and all criticisms are merely little nitpicks on my part due to being bored and staring at it for too long. I apologise for any and all misspellings, and hope to see more from you in the future.
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Thank you for taking your time!

Only thing I just had to say here is about the tail. Yes, it ended up being a bit strange for me too. I intended it to have a gentle whip movement going, yet couldn't get the lighting to very clearly indicate that it's not "inward" or static, but flowing behind her. Should'a maybe taken the easy way and angled it a little bit more.
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Reminds me a lot of Mum-Ra's temple from Thundercats! :)
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The Temple of the Jackal awaited her, and Daring was filled with fear and apprehension. But she couldn't stop here; she had come too far.
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Oh, I know that book series. Rainbow Dash LOVES it!
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Goddamn this is perfect.
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The adventures continues with Daring Do!

Good jungle scenery

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:iconindianajonesplz: good job apprentice
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Reminds me of Cats Lair from the original Thundercats.

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Those red eyes are amazing.
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Looks amazing!!! :thumbsup:
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"Oh yeah! THAT looks inviting."
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Wow this is nice bro!
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can I use this drawing in an role play me and my friend are doing?
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Depends on which way you're going to use it. If you're just basically posting it somewhere under public viewing, you could preferably write down credits.
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like i said, role play. But I will defenetly give you credit and a link to the art on here.
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Well, "role playing" just doesn't quite say anything to me without additional context. I'm not familiar with that kind of stuff and I have no idea how are you going to utilize my picture in it.. :D
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I was going to say it was an painting my oc drew, if you let me, and in parentheses say it was your artwork not mine and that it was your idea and so on.
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