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Between Two Worlds


"I like it in here..."


Some might remember this piece through my first Picarto stream, along with all the shenanigans we're not going to talk about. With some fresh eyes and time spent practicing on other projects, I was finally able to take this to the finish I wanted but didn't have nearly enough skill back then to make this work. The amount of stuff I want to convey while also making the composition work was pretty high. This piece has come a long way.

Two sisters, two different worlds.
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Such a well done piece!! I love the grey setting against the lit foreground!! I also like how you made the left side darker so that pinkie pie would stand out more. Almost gives an ominous foreshadowing feeling of something to come.
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Thats actually so deep . amazing art piece !
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“Oh Maud, I love you bigger than all Equestria.”
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Very intresting concept.
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So pretty! You do fantastic artwork. It looks like it's done with real water color and acrylic. Your backgrounds are amazing. How did you learn to do them?
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So much for the greener sides.
Atmospheric clouds!

(pun not intended)
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Come on, Pinkie. Hug her.
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Omg woooooooooooooow!!!! It makes me feel sad...:(
BokunZhao's avatar
Holy Shit man WELL DONE!!!!Love :happybounce: 
very beautiful but I feel bad for Maud!
Radek1212's avatar
This is beautiful <3
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That was powerful
I can't describe how this makes me feel
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I don't doubt Pinkie and Maud have had moments like this. The two understand each other very well now but I think in the past it might have taken Pinkie a little while to understand that Maud feels every bit as much joy as she does. Her sister just expresses it in different ways. I see this as a glimpse into their past before Pinkie gained that understanding. 

It was sad for a little while but then they became closer than ever.
ijustloveit619's avatar
Though both of them may be different, their love for each other is undeniable :D
bensacche's avatar
Absolutely beautiful... :D
Fermin-Tenava's avatar
This picture really is a masterpiece :)

But now I wonder if there really is some bigger history to Pinkie's departure from her family: how they got along in her childhood and so on.
TodallyNotAmazing's avatar
This looks amazing, I love the details and its really cool that you were able to make it look how you always wanted it to look.
Tech--Pony's avatar
The grass is always greener on the other side.
Maruraba's avatar
Love it. I wonder what it is that could be making Pinkie frown, though...
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Wow, you work fast! Good job.
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