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Love...? Ridiculous...


I've thought about painting Chrysalis for a good while. Simply picturing her just being her seemed a bit bland, so I decided to go for kind of an aftermath picture of the episode ending. Where did she land? Did she ever survive?

Somewhere far, far away in the southern borderlands of Equestria...


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MY queen .... :(
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Creepy yet incredible!
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I know that Chrysalis is a evil and dangerous villain. Evil Eyes Neverthless,I cry for her. IMing: Cry
 A very sad scene,but with amazing artwork and stunning coloring! Happy Clap 
So much detail...
So good...
So cool...
So awesome...
Mind if I use this in a Fimfiction (and Fan) called Exile?
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Well this pic can't fit into canon now unless you FanonDiscontinuity Season 6 (which I won't) coz Chrysalis returns there. And she flies away after losing her army and rejecting redemption. Of course, when she gets blasted to oblivion in the Season 7 premier people are still gonna debate her status. They'd debate whether Ramsay Bolton was dead at the end of Season 6 of Game of Thrones if they didn't actually want him dead.

To everyone who said Chrysalis survived, you were right, but I think they didn't intend her return originally, but did anyway for fan pandering, and headcanons didn't matter coz most believed she survived. Obviously she has immunity to long falls, or else is faster than Rainbow Dash.

Still, pics don't have to be canon to be awesome
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You knew 4 years ago already the end for chrysalis in "To where and back again". Amazing.
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Would be even more powerful with the reamins of her people scattered around her...
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Awwwww, poor Chrysalis 😿
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So well done, I almost feel bad for the vile parasite.
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how dare you insult the queen, praise the changeling race
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oh god I'm crying......
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:( Poor Chrysalis. :( Everything is gone for her. :(
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I would stay with the poor sweetie
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This is both sad yet inspiring I'm Sorry Smiley 
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poor chrysalis, all she wanted to do is care for her own. her down fall was her lack of empathy for others. still a strong character to bad insects that masquerade as pony's are single minded of purpose. oh well some one has to be the bad guy.
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why do i feel bad?I'm Sorry Smiley 
Really nice. What's your policy on people using this for a custom-ordered playmat? And if that is OK, any chance of getting a higher-rez file? 3675 x 2175 would be ideal.
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noooo don't die! I love you Chrysalis. you just need to find the love ponys so all the fay poines could be together and you could live happily!
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Oh. This invokes so many emotions within me. Spectacular job!
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If defeat had a face i would be Chrysalis.
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