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Against the Fury of Nature


"Far north, the weather has a will of its own..."


Better later than never, this piece kept giving me a whole bunch of headache.
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Beautiful and Cool Art!

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Very beautiful and Epic artwork!

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Those two sisters are awesome. Most fans think they don't do much, but they're actually useful when you think about it. It would be nice to see an episode where something happened to the mane six and the two sisters had to rescue them and save Equestria.
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AH! i finally found the person who i used there art for my facebook background photo

(Dude i love this art so much you have no idea)!
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Why can't all siblings be like them
xXArtForLifezXx's avatar
Was this when Flurry Heart Shattered the Empire's heart? (Btw, Beautiful Art!)
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heh found ur fb background
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Beautiful and coolClap 
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For such wild weather to take down Star Moving Pony GODS is amazing 0_0
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I know, right?
They could move the world's orbiting celestial bodies, but they could not fight back a lightning-free snowstorm.
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It's a Conspiracy I tell you!

I bet Celestia is a One Punch Man in disguise acting all weak >_<
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i actually have my own theory's on this...the powers to control the sun and moon are inherent powers that they can more freely control like they were connected to them, but bringing the moon or sun into the atmosphere would not be a good option for them because it puts everyone in danger. so they have to resort to basic magic which is not enough even with their enhance alicorn magic. it is shown how they tend to always depend on a group effort to solve worldly matters. while they control the celestial to keep the worlds nature in balance so their is not termoil preventing peace and prosperity, but since Twilight's talent is magic itself and her ability to resonate and make that power even more so with her friends around she can handle earthly matter more effectively. hence why she becomes the peace ambassador for the kingdom.
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I've seen this one already, and commented it too, but man I still can't get how you make those so realist!!!
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This is absolutely amazing. Best thing I've seen today.
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I'm actually physically melting, this piece is so flawless holy crap
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Wonderful to finally see Celestia contribute directly for once.
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Well it seems we have been getting snippets of her personality from the past two seasons.
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