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A Rare Case of Investigation


"Something smells chocolate-y in here, and it's not just the stains... It's their sense of fashion."


First fashionable Rarity, now serious Rarity. Can't have enough Rayraytea.

The film noir style sparked some inspiration up for playing with heavily contrasted black and white, so wanted to try something out in the similar spirit with just enough color to give it that nice little push. Something loyal to the noir style while being more abstract in concept. Like a rendition of Rarity's mind flow during the crime solving.
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ooh this is beautiful ! 
I love noir Rarity 
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This is so beautiful!
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Beautiful work.
KawaiiPotato-Kun's avatar
nice colors  !
and Rarity is just so cool~
That' one hell of Rarity
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Woah...! Fantastic! I really like Rarity's eyes...! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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So cool  :D  :D
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Rarity, investigator  of fashion :D !
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"Long ago in the Orient I learned the power to cloud ponies' minds so that they cannot see me..."
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The black-and-white background really makes her eyes pop!

Aesthetically beautiful! 

I was brought here by FurtherProof's "Neighsayer - She's on the Case" ;P
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"Seems there's a fair bit of magic hanging around here."
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This is so cool! The noir scene is great, but adding the color in her eyes and the hair sets your piece apart from many of the other pieces from this episode. I'm particularly impressed by the details of the hair in her eyes. Wow!
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Es tan hermoso, la expecion, los colores, la distribución, practicamente puedo sentir el esfuerzo que se puso en esta obra de arte para que fuera posible, gracias por tomarte el tiempo de realizar tan maravillosa pieza de arte :D
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That really cool!!
It is beautiful
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Gorgeous, simply gorgeous
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Damn! That looks sick as f**k!
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