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Leon-Not if I can help it

By Huue
Here's a scene of Leon protecting Ada from the final boss in Resident Evil 6. I added a little of my taste so it isn't accurate to the actual scene. But it was a fun one!

Referenced from Akiba91: [link]
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Very spot on details. Leon will always be my favorite RE character. 
jessamuhcuh's avatar
This is gorgeous ~ T-T
Biohazard-Croft's avatar
Is that the m500? leon you crazy fool!

anyway, amazing work~
DrawingArt23's avatar
Magnificent work!!! ^^
great job dude
FrostyWaters's avatar
Giving him the Elephant killer was a nice touch.
PredalienMaster's avatar
best part in the game :,)
denebtenoh's avatar
Ooooh!! this is so fantastic! I just love it!!
BetthinaRedfield's avatar
to tell you the truth....that this was so awesome artwork for me~ <3 ;u; 

Good work! ^-^
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Amazing work, you're very talented!
StacyAdler's avatar
Wow, this is great! *.*
NotSoUsual's avatar
Love the pose (though kudo's go to reference ofcourse) and I totally envy how you pulled off those textures of her pants. Teach me master? ;)
Lee99's avatar
Also, I feel like I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed RE6.
Attaora's avatar
You aren't the only one. I also was able to go beyond the typical reaction to this game: "It's different... I hate it."
Lee99's avatar
I'm usualy in the minority, I also loved RE4&5.
I felt RE6 was fun, Leon's campaign for some reason felt the most familiar, it's the only one I went through multiple times.
Attaora's avatar
I think Leon's campaign was the best too. Granted he's my favorite character but still. His campaign was the closest to the classical RE style. It fell closer to the horror genre than the others. I also enjoyed Ada's campaign quite a bit. I never played RE5 but I LOVED RE4.
People don't like the fact that RE6 was so action based instead of horror based. The important thing to remember is that it didnt TRY to be scary. I think they were very much aware of what they were doing when they did it. I simply decided to appreciate it for what it is (a good action thrid person shooter) instead of hating it for what it's not. As a 3D art student, I can appreciate better than most the work that was put into this game but it's definetly going to remain forever underrated.
Lee99's avatar
I agree, Leon's campaign had a more horror feel to it, plus it had the best bosses imo, I'm a sucker for large creepy creatures.

It's the same for me too actually, being an artists helps me look at games as a creative platform,
So I apreciate all the work that goes into them, thus I can enjoy a wide range of underapreciated games too.
RE6 looked pretty good in most a areas, although it was significantly downgraded in comparison with RE5, (RE5 still holds up today in terms of graphics)
But i would say that's simply a sacrifice they had to make in order to fit in so many character campaigns in RE6, agreed though, it remains an underrated shooter.
Attaora's avatar
Like I said, I don't know RE5 so I can't really compare but I don't doubt it was awesome.
The coop was great in RE6. Even the partner AI was actually helpful and competent. You rarely even had to rescue them or worry about them. The music was totally awesome too, overall better than any Resident Evils I have played. The charaters were extremley well portrayed, and the new ones you got attached to them really quickly. The voice acting is flawless. The platforming works extremelly well (except for the cover mechanic I can hardly get used to). The quicktime events are bothersome from time to time but RE6 isn't the only one guilty of this. The hand to hand combat was simple but great. That was always something I felt previous RE lacked; the possibility to wrestle your ennemies without QTEs and especially being able to duck or evade the blows, not simply by moving away from them. Of course, you can't expect a 2005 game like RE4 to work like a 2012 game like RE6.
I study in a 3D animation program, but we don't simply do animation. We learn rigging, texturing, lighting, compositing, special effects, modeling, drawing, character and layout conception and much more. You truly learn to appreciate the amount of work that it done in a game such as RE6 when you realize for example, how long it takes to make a simple (good) animation such as a jump. I just finished an animation of a character jumping from rock to rock and I put about 40 hours in it and it's far from perfect. And mocap isn't a miracle solution, contrary to popular belief.
Lee99's avatar
My advice is go play RE5, Re5 was a good game, one I felt had a very well polished setting,
not as creepy as previous titles but still a worthy game imo.

Re6 has its good moments which were often quite enjoyable,
as you said, the characters were well portrayed.
Speaking of character mechanics, did you ever muck around with Halena's roll attack?
if you used the hyrda shotgun and do her run/roll attack, it was a pretty well animated
"roll and shoot animation", and it was awesomely overpowered. :P the other characters
didn't seem to have interesting animations like that if I recall correctly.
Attaora's avatar
I might take your advice and try RE5.
Yes the animation is flawless and I think Helena definetly has one on the most interesting move set of any character. Her quick shot with the Hydra is extremely powerful. She rocks in Mercenaries! It seems they put more creativity in the female characters move set. Leon, Chris and Piers' move look relatively similar. Jake too but he has special moves because he can "equip" hand to hand combat. But Ada, Helena and Sherry's moves are totally different and have a lot more style. It's very nice and refreshing.
LobsterLeyla's avatar
I'm here, let's party.
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