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Earth Angel

By husz
Background by Brujo [link]
Male Stock by Katanaz_Stock [link]
Light and Wing PS Brushes by redheadstock [link]
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3000x2400px 2.21 MB
© 2008 - 2021 husz
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This is a lovely picture! Well done!

brujo's avatar
really got huge wings, i'm all jelly now.
Ooh... I love that beautiful vein on his arm... And nice wings.

I like the wings like this, bigger than average.
rockr3438's avatar
I love it. He is so smexy!
monarchofambivalence's avatar
husz's avatar
thx for the comment, much appreciated
queerfantasy's avatar
well this certainly trumps my angels lol, and I love the Joker avatar.....I love The Joker :D

very nice work.
husz's avatar
thx for the faves and comment, I have tons of Jokers in my Pop Art folder. I too have a bit of an obsession with him too.
Handsome model and great idea,
great job my friend !

If I would be him I would love to take it as my ID ...

By the way, do you have any ideas for a fitting ID for me, naturally in respect of the themes of my works ?
And what do you think, could you imagine to transform me as an angel like you did here ? :hump:

husz's avatar
Yes, definitely. I would love to make you into an angel. just post a good picture of you and I will do it.
Oh, thank you a billion times Richard :excited:

It will need a little while because I'll will try to take some pictures which are worth to be reworked by you as soon as possible ...
I think I have a idea but it should be a bit warmer outside to do this ...
I think an abandoned building with a view of city e.g. the television tower would fit very well =D
I'll send you more than one because I want to give you some room for inspiration ... ;)

You made my day,
husz's avatar
It would be easier for me to turn you into an angel if I have all the pictures seperate. You by yourself against a white or black background and then the abandoned building as a seperate picture. Its easier for me to put the wings behind you if I have the picture of you on a seperate layer. It will be fun. I look forward to it. It's our collaborative project!
You bet !!! :highfive:

Seperately ? ... sounds good, that makes it much easier to me too ! =D

Sephs-Filly's avatar
Wooow, really nice!
husz's avatar
Thx for the fave and comment, much appreciated.
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husz's avatar
thx and thx for the fave
TheKeeperOfTheKey's avatar
wow...the wings look almost real. good job
husz's avatar
thx for the fave and comment, much appreciated
marvillion's avatar
how did you create the wing? It's awesome... Ü
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