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painting a car digitally

It's the same tutorial, but some deviants asked me to explain the pictures.. so Idid it..
still think that I'm not good at giving lessons.. hope you'l understand the explination..
English is not my native language so please forgive any mistakes in grammer/expressions..

Have fun! :)

*** EDIT: I hope the fullview works now :) ****

A new mini tutorial for some more details: [link]
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Sorry for the ask, but, how do I see the tutorial??

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you just press the download button!
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You have exceptional brush control ! excellent work!! can you do a tut on brush dynamics and the types of brushes? That would be great...
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Where can i see or find the tutorial?
i new here, how can i see the tuto?? i'm lost!!
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Nice Work!

but how to open this tutorial?
I'm able just to open the first tutorial...
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Aha! So you are the artist. My apologies :)
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im new to photoshop... and ive been wanting to give more depth to my car sketches.... so far your tutorials have been a great help. thank you so much.... if you have any other beginner tips you could share with me... they would be greatly appreciated.... thanx.
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Hello Hussein ! am Lebanese and i used to draw cars, i really wanted to give my sketches life by colouring dem, but unfortunatly i faced and am still facing the shadow, light and reflections and all that stuff... I really wish that this tutorial helps me making a new step forward! Workin on a design and when i ll finish it, i ll post it on my account. Thx for this interesting tutorial and we are proud of the guys like u:)
great dude!!! btw what is your native lenguage???
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thanks of rmaking this :3
very nice tutorial. you explain good enough ;) keep it up!
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The best tutorial i ever found thanx u rock
Does this work with any colour using this technique? Thaanks
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WOW!!! very nice tutorial :D
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Thanks for the great tutorial! it was very helpfull. Here is my first attempt at :lasmanstanding:
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Hey buddy,
This stunning tutorial has been featured in this News Article, it is the 6th edition of it, and I'm proud to have you featured ! [link] Hope you'll go have a look, and enjoy ! And :+fav: to show your support ! :)

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Awesome tutorial! :D :+fav:
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will try it out today :P
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Great work do you do this professionally?
If you do car design you might enjoy our page.
-The GOY Team
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