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The Smartster

Just for fun....
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First time i saw A Smart car, it hit a Speed bump and stopped dead in its tracks.
Couldn't make it over it.  But This... But This...

I think this would, though with its power i wouldn't want a speed bump in front of it.

Voom Voom..
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Oh this is exellent. Such creativity.
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wow :wow: ! amazing !
check mine too !!!>>>> [link]
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that is really cool
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I find lots of humor in this... The contrails are cool also... and your signature is awesome...
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LoL... Great! :D
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nice looking...
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I would enjoy parking this in front of the university.
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great idea! well done as usual ˆˆ
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niiiiiice, as usual
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Imagine trying to steer and it would just topple over lol.
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innovative idea, i like it a lot :)
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What a creative development!

Well done.
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shofty el for fun !!!
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TA32EEEEED omal el not for fun 3mel ezaaaaay!!!!!! wow!
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I always knew those smart e cars had some purpose :)
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