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The New 300SL Gullwing II


The Gullwing, or as it's called in Germany, Der Flügeltürer was chosen as the Sports car of the 20. Century.
In 1954 it revolutionized the world of car design and sports cars and started a new era for Mercedes Benz: The SL was born.

What you see here is an attempt to revive this legendary vehicle with fresh design and reinterpreted design elements for the new century. Rumours say that Mercedes is indeed working on a modern Version of the Gullwing for the model year 2011.
So this is my interpretation of a modern version of the legendary 300SL. It's quite hard to top the original which is one of the most beautiful cars ever made in the automotive history. So this wasn't an attempt to top it, but to 'polish it up' in order to make it ready to hit the streets of our current time and the future.

The original: [link]
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dream come true)
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would be amazing if real, i hope so 
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very very gooooooood
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I love this one so much!
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Uwhh!The best!!!your super!
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It has Jaguar soul!
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Nice! Like the motion blur as well, really sets it off. Have you though about sending some of your designs into Lambo, or Mercedes or whatever and seeing if they'll take them?
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wow!! all of your work is amazing!

I hope you work for some car manufacturer!!
If not, you should contact them soon!
thats a porn photo man!!!
thats a porn photo man!!!
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so you can tell that its got like austin martin and jaguar looks to the rear, its a really awesome design, mercedes would be proud to have you as a designer =]
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that is wicked. looks vaguely BMW M6-ish from the rear wheel backwards, was it part of the styling?
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Now THAT'S gorgeous! Its nice and rounded like an old-fashioned hot rod, but sleek and sexy like a newly-crafted high-end sports car. Very beautiful...

Now excuse me as I drool over it.
wow... amazing...
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Looks extremely cool, love the colors and the blury sharpness. Great job man!
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That is one of my favorites of redesigned cars. I saw you in some months ago and really that's fantastic work. I'm from Pforzheim too. I suppose you are or were on the HfG.
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but this screams GORGEOUS.
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