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Mercedes-Benz SLS 2

Side view of [link]

Photoshop CS2
5 hours

**Edit** Some details added/modified based on the comments below.
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Looks more like a Bugatti than an SLS imo
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You are right. Has absolutely nothing to do with an SLS
remember the ford gt90?
yeah i dont either....
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Hello Husseindesign,

I was browsing the web and came across this: [link]
is this a book from you? where you creating this? I'm interested in the book, but not yet sure about the full content off it.
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I love it, it looks amazing and its lines are unbelievable.
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wtf that look so great!!! nice job :>
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Awesome work !!! one of the best rendering. Love it.
Masterpiece of vehicular graphics..
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love every car you have, made keep up the good work .
Heres My Work ---> [link]
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Preety work dude.I wish you look my new work and write comment.congratulations!
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amazing shiz..!!
love the colours and the lights :D
keep up the great work :D
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Some day, Some day I shall reach your level of innovation and high artistic stature.

The way you play and manipulate those images with photoshop is beyond what words can describe.

Ive seen each and every one of your designs for atleast 3 times a day for the last 2 years.

You make the most professional of photoshop artists look like amateurs.

Mashalla!! Keep it UP!! =D
Awesome design! Just love it!!!
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Yeah oke the design is great
but for a mercedes what likes on a Bmw and a Audi..
I cant call it a mercedes
Mercedes have a unique design

But what he can do with photoshop..
many respect
The design is great
But a bit stolen from Bmw and Audi..
Because the back likes on a bmw 6 serie.. only a lil' bit lower
and the front likes on the front from a audi R8

But respect fo ya photoshop skills
husseindesign's avatar
"Stolen" is a bit insulting, don't you think?
Tau-Crisis's avatar
do you do this in photoshop only?
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