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Mercedes-Benz SLS 1

Front view of my newest design, the Mercedes-Benz SLS. It's supposed to be a smaller supercar with a strong middle engine. The compititors are Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Galardo. More views to come.

Pencil Sketch > Photoshop CS2
5-6 hours
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Man this is the car!
is a beauty!!!!great work.
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This looks really great and I like it a lot, but am I the only one that noticed it looks a little like a dog? If you focus your attention on the right headlight and a little to the middle, it looks a lot like a dog's face :D
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It is wonderful
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with what program do you do it.I also have some models.But i need good drawing Program
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Cool! Can you make me one of this, I mean a real one? Great work!
hey man....i was wondering if you could do a mod on the 1999 cl mercedes..with the slr front spoiler and clc headlights.... and nice multi spoked low profiles...? i want to buy it and was wondering if you could complete my picture....i have been your fan for quite some time....great work. love every piece you did....and brilliant tutorials...although im just a viewer....easy....
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Thats Is Soooo Friggin AWSOME
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nice one you made there :)
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Do you mind if I download this pic to make a personnal wallpaper?
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I usually don't like mercedes cars, but this is a bad ass concept ! Very nice !
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that is smooth shit!
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i love this one. a very great interpretation of the future of AMG from a design standpoint. kudos.
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lack of the original mercedes design, rims looks very similar to some models, could tell it was from brabus. The body, however, looks more for a Nissan or Lexus super car.
Wow, this looks great! I'm stunned. I'm gonna watch you, and a fav for this one :D

Any chance for a wallpaper? I'll be going through your designs anyway :)
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OMG... I got nothing to say dude... it's just too cool
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really good work.

The only thing I don´t like is the front.
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