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Looks like it's American week:D
Here is the second print that's gonna be on my new wall.
The design is of what you could call a Hot Rod of the 21st Century.

Hope you like it:)

EDIT: colors and some details
Other colors: [link]
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very good work and nice effect +fav
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keep the work up. this is greatttt
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oO i want one ^^
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Very good work ! With that red colour it's really HOT rod :) Actually , the lights looks like flames , i don't know if it's random :)
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the front clip reminds me a bit of the Chrysler prowler.

other than that, great as always.
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Is this similar to one of those studies you did a while back? Looks familiar. I'm loving the look of the sheet metal. Looks like someone took a drill bit to the side to carve out the design, kind of raw feeling :)
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oo i think i prefer the red :D
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looking better, but the flames still look funny ( i am speaking of the vinyl btw ) they appear to look etched on :confused: could be just me though
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we have a legends car that we're trying to get on the road that looks a lot like this (with much less detail). The color just made me think of it.
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hehe niceeeee :D :+fav:
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I prefer the yellow one =(
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Cool design and a painting I just think it need a slight hue to the top are to go with the red that's under it. Not as strong as the red of course but just something to make it appear more 3 dimensional because (sun)light almost never is completely white like that. Like usual I like the sense of speed.
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Batman would be proud. That might fit into the next movie. very nice!
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I prefer the other one better. I feel like the front end could be pulled back some to really kick the wheels out front more. Makes an opened wheeled car look more aggressive. Just my opinion though. Has a great since of motion.
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