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Gullwing .. yeah, again

I know that some of you are yawning right now:D
Anyway, here is a quick rendering of a sketch i did during a boring class of ... can't remember. obviously I was paying attention:D

a new interpritation of the legendary 300SL.
After the well-recieved version I did before [link] I thought I'd a do more puristic, less bling-bling version. and i'm quite satisfied with the result.

Blue Polychromos sketch > scanned in > rendered in Photoshop > 2 hours
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How cool is this.
you are a god in human form!! its my biggest dream to one day gather up enough money to be able to start a new car company with someone like you as the designer :) i love your concepts and theres more than just one or two designs that truly grab my attention (and im very fussy about the look of cars these days) and cant seem to fault some of yours at all!!
keep up the great work!!
luke :)
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:O Heated Brakes!

You're the best for including that~
more than awsome!!!! love it!
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not bad,nice feeling, nice atmosphere, it looks quite modern, but i think you could try to describe more the shapes and volumes, its what you want to sell, not the photoshops effect(or?)
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man, this looks kind of like that new SLS (or what would they will call it...) new model! Awesome!
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u have nice sense of design , cheers
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fantastic design. seems like you got a thing for long low cars. hope ya like this......
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you`re awesome!
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i would
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contrast is perfectio......... :)
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as always everythin you do look awsome interesting sketch and rendering too!!!
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omg this nuts
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nice! this is good!
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i see you picked up some of this stuff from bmw? haha... really nice. Im going to go visit Designworks USA, BMWs Design center in california. I dont know if they're gonna let a crazy ass guy like me in but im going to try.. and when i get in man its gonna be hell. Did you get the chance to meet Chris Bangle himself?? Love this sketch, lots of energy... I really want to see this one developed also. Take it easy bro
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like it, just a huge flaw in the wheels?
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Cool piece, I really like the double slash on the side. The big grill with the raise towards the fenders are cool too.
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waesome work!
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Hussein Wanna see it, in your old render style [link] .. please do that...
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Damn, I wish I could do something so awesome during a bore attack in class XD. Outstanding work, man. The Fire effect on the wheels is a cool detail, the whole speed effect, like if it was about to jump from the image.
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very cool! love it
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