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Cadillac Opera Coupe

Another retro-futuristicly styled Caddy. this time it's the Sville Opera Coupé
The original car was built between 1979 and 1981 and I did't anything about it and it looks untill I saw it in a TV show. I saw it for like a few seconds, but the sapre tyre storage behind the front wheel caught my attention. I had never seen a relatively modern car with that feature which was used in the luxury coupés of the 20's and 30's of the last century like the legendary Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster of 1929 [link] . So I did my researches on the net to find more pictures of it. I even wasn't sure whether it was a Caddy or a lincoln for I didn't have time to look it at well on TV :D
Used Photoshop to do the rendering as usual. I tried to do a "natural" background this time with trees and stuff.
The whole drawing took me about 6 hours (sketching excluded)

Pictures of the original Opera of 1981: [link]
My Rendering tutorial: [link]
My style: [link]
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DeviantArtHabatchii says,

very well...

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absolutely stunning
cadillacstyle's avatar
Great piece I love this
Extraxi's avatar
Never before have I seen a spare-wheel compliment a car of tomorrow in such an awesome fashion... The elegance and sportiness of this vehicle is absolutely breathtaking.
dunemoonbeam3's avatar
6 hours no im annoyed im a sloth
JRAS22's avatar
wow! sexier than Cadillac Sixteen!
LaziRaven's avatar
i like the front of the car, and the reflection off the side
BrookeScuzzi's avatar
Your road designs always look soo silky and wet because the reflection is perfect!
afroman1616's avatar
uve got some of the coolest shit ive seen in y life and i saw the work of the grad. students in automotive engenring at the college for creative studies. keep doin what u do cause its amazing
couleur's avatar
it does looks futuristic. But Id like to see the rims replaced with the black thingy. Might be much more compatible, dont you think so?
variant73's avatar
what font is this ? that u used in "cadillac opera"
Tsoedill's avatar
you really should make another view of this car!
hikarus's avatar
:wow: I'm Speechless man
sixty8panther's avatar
Neat... I like it. Not as elegant as the SIXTEEN but cool none-the-less.

This would HAVE to be powered by a sixteen cylinder V16 as all of the top of the line 1930s Cadillacs were.

Ferrari V12s are for poor people. :D
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interesting idea
Router-Jax's avatar
I love Cadillacs! :omfg:

Seeing one of it's kind being alive again stirrs my spirit, even if it's just a concept. The design reminds me of an Aston Martin.. DB9 model to be exact. But this one's much more beautiful, I think. And I just love the Cadillac grill. :)

+fav.. who could resist it?
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i would buy it! if it would be real and i had the money! the car is so cool
Urus-28's avatar
Oh yest i love this car =p I want the same in my garage =p Great design and excpetionnal picture quality :thumbsup:
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Cool. The spare wheel on the side is different and kinda interesting. I like it. Awesome concept. I think GM would love this. I love Caddy's. this is sweet. Have to :+fav:
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