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If the USA had remained in the British Empire
What if the USA had remained a part of the British Empire? Maybe Great Britain could annex the Indian Reserve to the 13 colonies. Then, by 1785, Great Britain would create the disputed region of the Ohio Country. Then, by the 19th century, the UK would create the colonies made from the colonies of Virginia, New York, Georgia, North Carolina and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The created colonies from the colonies of Virginia, New York, Georgia, North Carolina and the Massachusetts Bay Colony would be Vandalia, Transylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Franklin, Yazoo, Alabama and Maine.

If the USA remained part of the British Empire, then there would be a number of consequences:
  1. There would be no Louisiana Purchase. Louisiana would gain independence from France in the 1880s.
  2. There would be no Mexican-American War and the Texas annexation of 1845. California, Texas, Yucatan and Guatemala would all declare independence from the Mexican Empire until Mexico becomes a republic.
  3. Canada and the British colonies would become self-governing dominions in 1860s. That would be the Dominions of Virginia, Carolina, New York, New England, Pennsylvania and Canada.
  4. There would be no Alaska Purchase and the Oregon Treaty. Russia would win the Crimean War and force the UK to cede the North-Western Territory and the Oregon Country to Russian America during the Crimean War. After World War I, Russian America would gain independence from Russia as Alaska.
  5. There would be no Spanish-American War and the Adams–Onís Treaty. Florida would declare independence from Spain, along with Cuba and the Philippines.
  6. There would be no Hawaii annexation of 1898. Russia would buy Kauai from Hawaii and Hawaii would sell Kauai to Russia in 1898. After the Kauai purchase, Kauai would become a part of Russian America. Then, the UK might buy Niihau from Hawaii and Hawaii would sell Niihau to the UK in 1925. After the Niihau purchase, Niihau would have to become a part of the UK as a British overseas territory.
Happy 18th Birthday!
This year I decided to submit 18th birthday art on DeviantArt, myself included :-). Those websites for art as long as DeviantArt, that is, at all.
It's 2018. Happy birthday, DeviantArt! You're now 18-years-old! :D (Big Grin) Birthday cake  icon F2U | DA's 18th Birthday

Don't forget to comment on my work and favourite!
Can someone help Mobiyuz to unblock me, please?
I wonder since I commented on the stuff from Mobiyuz, and he was a alternate historian who was making maps of an independent California. What happened? I can't view Mobiyuz's profile to figure it out, because he illegally blocked me now.


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