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Dodge Challenger SRT

Back with some american muscle. Just a quickie though.
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pardon me but thats one badass fuckin' challenger, wow! nice pic!
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What kind of rims are they? Can not find them.
Also, white letter BFGoodrich tires at this size/profile... nowhere to be found. Almost tried to order them for my orange :)
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This is so amazingly badass. I love all the mods and black touches. The location is great too. I love the moody afternoon light, and I love the Old West.
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i'll give my left testicle for a chally like this one
yasiddesign's avatar
woah ;P nice work my friend
1995ZsolX's avatar
I like it! but it's too small for the BG:(
cityofthesouth's avatar
did you make any significant body proportion changes or just lower it? you made the thing look significantly better with the TA hood and i really dig the wheels. They almost look smaller than the 20s coming on them, maybe because they're black, but that's an improvement imo.
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Body proportion left as it was. The wheels are smaller but more "rounder" for the perspective.
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well done ... some really nice stuff in your gallery.
suzq044-chopartist's avatar
very nice; mopar ftw!
I like the stripe, its different than what most people [including myself] have been putting on them [cuda stripe]

I like this very much :dance:
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Holy shit. How much of that is not real?
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See for yourself.. [link]
PublicSecrecy's avatar
It actually looks FAST. Maybe the production one will be?
StreetSurfer's avatar
looks like a muscle should look like....POWERFUL!!!
steelwagon6's avatar
thats hot, sick american muscle style, absolutely sexy, i wanna see one of these on the streets :D
M2M-design's avatar
Massive!! Beautiful work! :D
pont0's avatar
pretty realistic
very good job!
Turchenko's avatar
got the style down purty good
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very nice, yea car should be pissed off not smiling XD
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