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The worse part is that thing is Keter Class.
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SERIOUSDOOMGUY|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this an actual SCP
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It’s a Keter class SCP and it used to be human
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FortressWolf97's avatar
It went by “leech boy”, right?
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For some reason, it's called (Expunged Data Released).
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MayadakuSketch777|Hobbyist General Artist
Is this really what candy corn sees as it's entering my mouth? I'm joking, but dear lord I can see the effort put into this beautiful work of art! This is beautiful, I know I'm mega late, but I can't explain how much I love looking at this : D
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coolblackeagle10's avatar
That reef is ALOT bigger than I thought!
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jack2the7ripper's avatar
I would kill myself with some kind of explosive than became something like that or be fused with that thing
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redrangerki's avatar
it's the Kraken
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TheFriendmeister|Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, even worse...
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superkaijuking's avatar
Sarlacc Pit: “Mom? Mom is that you?” :3
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xXCrystalfurXx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
holy mary mother of joseph
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TheDarkSpaceAlien|Student General Artist
W O W *^*
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GuesssWho9's avatar
GuesssWho9|Hobbyist General Artist
WHY would you do realistic SCP fanart???
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Umbrakineticmage|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i thought this picture was bad and then i read the entry on the wiki

please don't do it like me

jesus christ
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that is really good
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Gagoterapia's avatar
Gagoterapia|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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shikomekidomi's avatar
Ah, and this is the 'polyp'.  SCP-835 is shockingly huge.  I did the math and it must be around four and a third kilometers across.
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Jupiter514's avatar
If *Thats* the Polyp, than Than God Help Us
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Katloveshorrorgames's avatar
This gives me ideas.
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W4t3rf1r3|Student Traditional Artist
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Viergacht|Professional General Artist
You know a horror picture is effective when it makes me want to scratch just looking at it. Great work!
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ArtbroJohn|Professional Digital Artist
Very nice work!
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