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Listen! Comment! Spread the word please! :)

I'm doing some art videos to help people learn!

Check out my anatomy basics video and spread the word:

Enjoy! :)
They plague us, even though most of us create our art with them! HANDS!

But don't worry. I'm here to help you a long the way.

Enjoy! If you like it and get something out of it, please subscribe, follow, and become a patron!

Official Site:

The Long Library Comic (18+):
The Splash Pages Comic (18+):
Stole this from :iconnyxbearkitty:

- Single or taken: I don't really like either term, but suffice to say I'm occupied with relationships.

- Sex: Genderfluid male but doesn't obsess over gender-related labels

- Birthday: 9 December

- Sign: Sagittarius

- Hair color: Auburn

- Eye color: Hazel

- Height: 6' 4" or 2m

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Gay, basically


- What kind of shampoo do you use?: Trader Joe's. I generally like cruelty-free shampoos with natural ingredients that are kind to my hair, and Trader Joe's satisfies that. Plus, since I shop there pretty much weekly, it's convenient to pick up with my groceries.

- What are you listening to right now?: 'Black Beauty' (LEEX Tropical Mix) by Lana Del Rey

- Who is the last person that called you?: :iconklebkatt:

- How many buddies are online right now?: WHO KNOWS? THE SHADOW DOOOOO


- Animal: I'm pretty fond of most animals and other living things. I do especially love foxes though.

- Colour: Pink and green are even for two favourites.

- Drink: Water, mostly, then tea, then alcohol.

- Element: unnilhexium

- Food: Devilled eggs rate very highly. So does dal makhani. Though I do especially love a good kitsune udon too.

- Game: There's definitely not just one. Though I've been enjoying Bayonetta again recently.

- Movie: Definitely not just one. Though offhand I can say Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and The Rocky Horror Picture Show got me through some very rough patches in my life, and I will forever love them for that.

- Song: I can't say there's a singular song that tops my favourites. Recently I've been listening to a lot of Lucius, Lana Del Rey, and Lissy Trullie. Curiously, all are L artists! I must be concentrated on the Ls.

- Subjects in school: I fucking hated school, but the one class I remember loving was my Dance course.

- T.V.: Shrug 

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

- Given anyone a bath?: Yep!

- Smoked?: Absolutely yes!

- Bungee jumped?: Curiously, no!

- Made yourself throw up?: Yep!

- Skinny dipped?: Yes! I loved it. I remember it fondly to this day. At least, the one time I remember prominently. It was really kind of a turning point in my life, and it really helped me to come to terms with a lot of things. I was happy at that moment.

- Ever been in love?: Oh yes. So many times. It's so enriching and so beautiful, but it is difficult too. Love is one of those complex things that always makes things more difficult in many ways.

- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Something like that.

- Pictured your crush naked?: Of course!

- Actually seen your crush naked?: Naturellement!

- Cried when someone died?: ...of course I have. The hell kind of question is that?

- Lied: c_c

- Fallen for your best friend?: I'm not big on labels.

- Used someone?: Yep!

- Done something you regret?: Let me just answer that by asking, who the fuck hasn't?!


- Clothes: Sloth shirt, Scooby Doo lounge pants, extremely cute boxers with a plaid pattern in black and red with adorable skulls!

- Desktop picture: Autumn forest

- CD in player: Nothing right now.

- DVD in player: I just did an archival burn if that counts!

L A S T | P E R S O N

- You touched: My beloved grandmother. Who had got white powder on her black blouse. I was brushing it off for her.

- Hugged: Probably my father.

- You kissed: My grandmother.

- You IMed: My friend Impulous.

- Talk to online: My friend Chris.

- You sexed it up with: Such a saucy question! But I'd have to know what you define as 'sexed it up with', so I can't really answer. Too bad! For you...
A R E | Y O U

- Understanding?: More than most.

- Open-minded?: Very, about most subjects!

- Arrogant?: From some perspectives. From others, I'm simply strong-willed.

- Insecure?: Always.

- Random?: I just ride

- Hungry?: Not right now. I was earlier though!

- Smart?: Too much for my own good.

- Moody?: Bien sûr

- Organized?: In some ways, extremely! In other ways, holy shit no.

- Shy?: Not so much shy as introverted. I prefer to have opportunity to be alone and recharge, but I don't actually have much difficulty being outgoing if I need to be.

- Difficult?: I can be very difficult at times, but mainly these are logical and reasonable situations. If you're trying to convince me that I'm wrong on something I'm fairly sure I'm right, you'll find me difficult.

- Bored easily?: In many ways, yes.

- Entertained easily?: Yeah, I'm not that difficult to entertain as long as you do it right.

- Obsessed?: Oh yes.

- Lazy?: Never.

- Angry?: Not at the moment.

- Happy?:  Rarely, but when it happens, it's so radiant and dazzling!

- Hyper?: Not really.

- Trusting?: Once someone has proven themselves to me, I am very trusting. I also have a damnably persistent tendency to give people too many chances, to my own detriment.

- In the morning: oh god why

- Love is: the most primal and fundamental essence of the very cosmos.

- I dream about: usually being trapped in school through some contrivance. I'm also often visited by departed souls. It's simultaneously nice and depressing to spend time with those souls.

- What do you notice first in the sex you're into: Eyes. Smile. I honestly find personality far more engaging than pecs or abs, and I mean that. For years I had all kinds of partners, some of whom you'd see on a calendar or a centrefold, and to be honest, I'd always rather have a good personality and a true love than six-pack abs or giant biceps. Statuesque looks are nice, but they're not what seals the deal; if you have no substance beyond sculpture, well, I can just look at pictures of sculptures and enjoy the fully-realised personality of someone I'd rather spend time with.


- Makes you laugh the most: Oh so many!

- Makes you smile: My friends. The people so important to me. Crucial to me. The people who are kind enough to enjoy my work. The people whose lives I affect with my work. The people who affect me with theirs.

-Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: Depends on how you define 'a funny feeling'! I get all kinds of feelings.
D O | Y O U | E V E R

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Who doesn't? And if there needs to be another development to that question: who doesn't, of the people I actually care to know?

- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Hence genderfluid, to quote Kyra.

- Wish you were younger?: God no. Sometimes I toy with the idea, but I always end up thinking, fuck me, no. Never again. I never want to see that age again.

- Cry because someone said something to you?: Yes. And that's what should happen. Sometimes you need that. The worst thing in the world is to come to the realisation that you've tempered yourself to the point where you don't really feel anymore, where you're one vast callous and can't be affected by anything so much.


- Of times I have had my heart broken?: If you're asking this and expecting an actual response, you're either naive or a child.

- Of Cd's: Good lord. LOTS!

- Of scars on my body: 2 major ones, plus some stretch marks due to at one point being malnourished and then getting actual nutrition in short order. But let me tell you: everyone has these, somewhere or other, and everyone has cellulite, and it's not an unattractive feature, and don't expect an airbrush when you're taking your clothes off and making love with someone you adore. Just the presence, the touch, the physical contact of it, and the sensual experience of it, is far, far more important than anything else. The connection of minds, souls, spirits, all those things, are all the most important things that are merely approximated in any other contact or action.

- Of bones I've broken: None.

Tags: Whoever wants to!

And :iconnyxbearkitty:, I'm so sorry this took me so long!

For you!

Support if you like and use it!

Happy holidays. :)
The first Streamernatural was a huge success so I'm doing it again!

Thursday 16 July at 7 PM EST, stop by FancyPalace on Streamernatural will continue for 1-3 hours!

I'm taking requests, including kink requests. I welcome all ships!

If you request something that's filled, reblog it when it's posted. It will be posted on my Supernatural blog, Carry On Wayward Homos.

I accept commissions outside of Streamernatural.

I'm also grateful for your support on Patreon.

See you there!
That's right! It's Streamernatural, the Supernatural art stream where I take requests and sketch live for your enjoyment.

It's happening.

This afternoon at 2 PM EST, stop by FancyPalace on Hang out and have some fun with me! Friday afternoon is the perfect time for a little fun even if you're going out later. The stream will run for 1-3 hours.

I'm taking requests, including kink requests. I can't do every request I receive, but I'll be doing my best with the ones that I can. I welcome all ships.

If you request something that's filled, reblog it when it's posted. It will be posted on my Supernatural blog, Carry On Wayward Homos.

I accept commissions outside of Streamernatural.

I'm also grateful for your support on Patreon.

Thanks! See you there!

Hey everyone, I'll be out of the office from Thursday to Monday as I'm helping my dear friend Klebkatt with her fundraiser for a new computer. She does all kinds of great work and it's her main income, but she can't afford a new system on her own. So if you can help, please do! The marathon will be huge fun with live reading, guests, talk time, art video, we'll even try to stream some games if we can hold the system together!

You can tune in here:

Please spread the word! We can't do this without your help! And any of you who know her will know that Klebkatt is one of the kindest people out there, and one of the most hard-working.

And a brief update on other April business: the few commission slots I have left after doing some commissions and reopening some slots are being put on hold until Monday. I am still taking commissions, so please do contact me if interested! But I won't be able to respond until Monday at the earliest, so be aware.

Thanks very much! Hope to see you at the marathon!
I've been interviewed for The Not Art, a comics podcast hosted by the always lovely :iconklebkatt:, regarding the end of my comic Incubus Tales. Check it out here! I hope you'll enjoy it!
I'm so excited about being tagged! I never get tagged. XD

In turn, I tag...anyone who sees this and wants to do it!

1) What was the most beautiful days in your life?

There are so many beautiful days in my life. I think one of the most beautiful days I can remember is when I drove to a city about three hours away and had a nice shopping day to myself, and drove back in the evening. I could be happy then, I remember being so pleased at the simplest of things and not thinking about so much else, not becoming unhappy about so many other was just a very nice time. But none of the places I shopped are there anymore, hardly, and I don't like to go to the city anymore. It's a shame.

2) If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Nothing. I know some would say this or that, some would say they'd change everything...I don't think I'd change anything.

Except maybe I'd not hold myself back from telling some of my bitchier teachers exactly what I thought, instead of just being stupid and conforming to their expectations. Fuck it. It doesn't matter. It never mattered. I wish I'd realised that sooner. But then, perhaps it wouldn't have been as meaningful when I did realise.

3) What is important for you?

Good and right to win. People to realise what is good and what is not. People not to blindly go along with something rather than rock the boat and say no, this isn't right and I'm not going to support it.

4) If you could create a world from your fantasy, how would this world look like?

Happy. Pretty. Magical.

5) What is your favored food?

I really, really love making noodle dishes. I love abura age, so 'kitsune' noodle dishes.

I also really love Indian cuisine, like dal makhani, which I could probably eat every day.

I am vegetarian, but I'm also a gourmand and want to eat and cook delicious foods. I had to learn to cook well for myself because I was the only vegetarian in my family growing up, so I learned how to make a variety of delicious dishes.

6) Do you think that mankind can get worse?

Of course. But it can also get better.

7) Japanese Manga or american comics?

Both. Either. Although to be honest I tend towards independent comics -- most of which don't really claim nationality -- because both Japan and the US have some serious censorship issues and other social affairs that have dragged sequential art down. Until both countries grow up and stop their childish outlook on expression and the world, neither medium will be able to really fully express itself as it needs to do.

8) Do you like Horror movies?

I do! Some more than others. I'm more a fan of classic fare like Suspiria, Halloween II, and Friday the 13th. I don't really know why I like these films so much...probably would take more room and more time than I have available here! I remember when I was in my late teens, horror films like Friday the 13th were kind of my escape, and I used to enjoy them because they were everything that nothing else in my life was. They were thrilling, usually pretty sexy, and scary. I still experience those feelings when I enjoy them today.

9) What is your greatest wish?

For good things, even against all odds, to happen and for things to improve.

10) How are you?

Very tired. Very, very tired.

I hope the people who see this and want to answer will answer! Here are my questions for you:

1) What is your favourite holiday and why?
2) What is the thing you most regret doing or not doing?
3) What is the funniest film you have ever seen?
4) Do you like rainy days more, or sunny days?
5) If you could live for the rest of your life without needing sleep, would you?
6) Do you know any other languages than your native language?
7) What is your favourite animal?
8) What is your favourite season?
9) What slang expression do you love the most, and why?
10) What kink, fetish, or interest do you have that you think is uncommon?

Hello hello!

Commissions are open for October until 15 October, so please get yours now!

I'm also running a special, check out my tumblr post (complete with sexy Pyramid Head pin-up!) here. It's got all the links and information you need!

I look forward to hearing from you!
If you're interested in a commission slot for September, please check the previous entry and don't hesitate to get it in! There's only just over a week left, and the slots are filling up. I'm happy to take your commission!
Hey there!

September commission slots are open for a limited time. Until September 15 I'll be taking commissions.

Rates are here. Just send a note here for at my email and let me know if you'd like some original work of your own!
I have some slots open and some free time, so if anyone's interested, you can send me a message here or at my email, hushicho @ (Be sure to take out the spaces there.)

My info is here, and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Of course if you have a limited budget I'll do my best to work with you!

I only have a limited amount of slots open, but I thought since it's near the end of the month, maybe some of you might like a pick-me-up. :)

Let me know!
I just want to say thank you very much for all the favourites and watches! I do appreciate each and every one of them, and I hope I'll be able to continue bringing you happiness through my work. Thanks again! :)
Hey everyone!

Just a reminder about my comic page sale: it's a great price and I've only got one last slot open. You can find out more information here. Note that there may be mature content on the rest of the blog, so if you're clicking around, don't be surprised!

And the next item is definitely mature content: I'm opening up requests for kinky art, for a very limited time. Details are here on my amusingly-named kinky art tumblr which, sadly, has only one post! Naturally, mature content is there as well.

Given the nature of DA, some of the art may not be able to be posted here, but it will be posted on my kinky art tumblr even if not, and it will be posted as well on PaperDemon, a far more friendly art community to artists of all ages and audiences. Check out the terms and details before requesting. You can send me a note here on DA or an Ask on tumblr!

Thanks as always. :)
I'm learning a new graphics suite, and so to help make things easier, I thought it would be fun to just leap in and create. Because it's much easier to create when one has a direction, I've decided to do a very special sale on comic page commissions! They're 2 pages for $100, and the details are here. Only five slots are available, and they won't last long!
Every now and then I get reminded why I only use this site as basically a 'toss some art up for people to see' site and don't really bother with the site itself.

Look, guys. I'm going to make this simple: DeviantArt is not a prestigious site, so don't have an ego about the site, your groups, or some tiny amount of power you think you have because of an imagined hierarchy. DeviantArt isn't even the high-class escort of the art world, it's the nickel tart. It's a place to put up your work for other people to see, and that's about it. That's all you're going to get out of it anyway, at least all you're going to get of any use at all.

And a big LOL to groups here. People join groups for exposure and to enjoy similar interests. Everyone on the site who produces at all -- and any artist, for that matter -- has different styles, different ways of expressing themselves, and different approaches to even the same general topic. I don't join groups, or allow my art to be posted to groups, that try to conceal outright douchery behind a snobbish pretence of 'quality', especially when their idea of said standard is just various works they like with no actual standard applied. When you've got your nose pointing straight up, it's hard to look at the computer screen obviously. Less of this nonsense -- it just leads to dead groups anyway, because who wants to try and produce art, with no compensation, for the sole purpose of pleasing some stranger?

More of actually putting up art instead of asinine ego games.
Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know that for a little while longer, March commission slots are open! If you're interested, let me know. You can check out my art blog (it does have some mature pieces) here, mail me at or send a note here. I do check email more frequently though!

I'll probably be closing the slots at the end of next week, but they'll be open again in April if you missed them!
I've decided to create a new blog dedicated exclusively to posting my art, since my main tumblr has become a 'whatever I feel at the moment' blog and it can be difficult to find my work on it.

Point your browsers to if you'd like to take a look! Note that, just as with my gallery here, there is mature art and other similar content, so please don't go if you're offended by that sort of thing.

I also have my commission information posted there, so I hope that'll help to simplify matters if anyone here was interested in getting me to do some work with them.