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Gunbound Icons

Here are 16 icons from the game Gunbound ([link]). Included in the zip file are both the ico and PNG files.
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I missed this game, too bad Gunbound got no more players because pets & item 2 made the game very unfair to non-cash users.
you make it in tokken dark and light version please!
LOL mine looks exactly like the one on the Armor xD PIRATES FTW.
cant download ! :(
Danymon00's avatar
can't download
plizzz make a new one hikz hikz
with new mobiles phoenix, wolf etc
Pliz plizz (n_n)
kennethj's avatar
omg i want these icons but the download doesn't work T_T
Jru's avatar
aaah, these are so cute!!!

*wants to use them so badly* I can't get the download link to work... is there another way to get them? *really wants to put them on her dock*
hmmm the download button doesnt work ;\

please reup it hahaha thnx!

looks awesome
djchungy's avatar
my character looks exactly like the bottom left corner xD
except i dont use that machine
zanga254's avatar
where's the horse?
zanga254's avatar
slash super-unicorn
JsoNsw's avatar
:( i wish they worked
Gallistero's avatar
Oh Hey You Guys If You Cant GET The Gunbound Here Here Is A Next Link But U Gotta Download Al The Dock Icons To Get It But Its Worth It.
Gallistero's avatar
Yeah Everyone Is Right We Cant Get Em WTF
Gallistero's avatar
Yupeee Lol Just Started Omg This Game Kinda Addictive Love The Icons Dude
thanks i was looking for this one
DARKGuy's avatar
Awesome icons!! but I can't download them!! :( can you send them to me, please? :(
Psysaturn's avatar
buddy me! "psysaturn" be the name...
RyuuHawke's avatar
hey ur missing the horse....
MowCroft's avatar
plz dude! try to make some dock GB icons! I WANT THEM!! my id in GBlatin: lPsy
compayito's avatar
hey man!!! i play gunbound too ^^, i wanna be ur buddy :) my ID es: EICompayito
sparXCG's avatar
I can't download them... Please reupload? Thanks!
hush66's avatar
I wish I could, but I lost all my icons due to a HDD crash. :tears:
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