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sad by Hush-Glory sad :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 1 0 uh... ahaha.... by Hush-Glory uh... ahaha.... :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 2 4 HG's Inktober (Day 4) by Hush-Glory HG's Inktober (Day 4) :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 2 1
HG's Inktober (Day 3) by Hush-Glory HG's Inktober (Day 3) :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 3 0 HG's Inktober (Day 2) by Hush-Glory HG's Inktober (Day 2) :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 4 0 HG's Inktober (Day 1) by Hush-Glory HG's Inktober (Day 1) :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 4 0 Stamps!_wg01 by Hush-Glory Stamps!_wg01 :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 5 1 Corporate Woman by Hush-Glory Corporate Woman :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 5 1 Facial Hair by Hush-Glory Facial Hair :iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 3 0
There are so many gems in this cave I prospect,
and yet the crystal I seek is in another castle.
In this monochrome kaleidoscope I call my everyday,
Everything is a wonder, but it's always the same damn wonder.
Mundanity mocks the ticking clock,
Transgressing a morning's potential.
Be astounded at how close you can touch tomorrow,
as you watch what was today melt away.
For my next magic trick,
I'll pull a rabbit out of my hat.
And another.
And another.
And another.
It gets old.
For the sake of my sanity,
I'll end this insanity
with a skip in my strut,
a ripple in the stillness.
Today will be grandiose,
not a brick on the wall.
Erupt past expectation,
gash concordance with my claws.
I will not conform to anything,
my will makes me who I am.
May death hear my battle cry,
make today an anomaly.
:iconhush-glory:Hush-Glory 3 2
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thank you for fav, have a llama in return :meow:
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