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I Can't Stop Wishing It's Over by husamezzi I Can't Stop Wishing It's Over :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 5 0 Ambiguous Woman by husamezzi Ambiguous Woman :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 4 0 Ada Wong - Resident Evil 2 by husamezzi Ada Wong - Resident Evil 2 :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 3 0 Ciel - The Black Butler by husamezzi Ciel - The Black Butler :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 2 0 Different Manga Eyes by husamezzi Different Manga Eyes :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 3 0 My Version of Naruto Shippuden by husamezzi My Version of Naruto Shippuden :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 2 3 It's Gonna Be Ok by husamezzi It's Gonna Be Ok :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 2 0 Izuku Midoriya - Boku No Hero Academia by husamezzi Izuku Midoriya - Boku No Hero Academia :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 6 0 Don't Worry.. I'm Here For You by husamezzi Don't Worry.. I'm Here For You :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 3 0 I Don't Smile A Lot, So This Is Kinda Awkward by husamezzi I Don't Smile A Lot, So This Is Kinda Awkward :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 6 0 It's Ok To Be Sad by husamezzi It's Ok To Be Sad :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 4 2 Kirito - Sword Art Online by husamezzi Kirito - Sword Art Online :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 5 0 Lelouch Lamperouge by husamezzi Lelouch Lamperouge :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 0 0 Mitsuha - Your Name by husamezzi Mitsuha - Your Name :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 1 0 Life Is Really Confusing by husamezzi Life Is Really Confusing :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 4 0 You Don't Know How It Feels To Be Me by husamezzi You Don't Know How It Feels To Be Me :iconhusamezzi:husamezzi 5 0


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I Can't Stop Wishing It's Over
This is an original. It was inspired by my emotions. I drew it today. If you wanna know what day it is, look at the date in the drawing.
I used more than one reference and there was a lot editing. 


Follow my social media for more art. They're on order from the one I post art in the most to the least :
1. Instagram :…

2. Pinterest :

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4. YouTube :…
Ambiguous Woman
I saw that people loved this on my Pinterest page and it's the most saved drawing there and so I decided to post it here. She gives me the vibe of Ada Wong from Resident Evil and Vermouth from the anime the Detective Conan.
This is an original. It was a quick doodle. I didn't use a reference for it.

Follow me on Instagram for more drawings :…

Follow me on Pinterest to see what my interests are :
Ada Wong - Resident Evil 2
So, How did I do? Do you think I did a good job at drawing the anime version of Ada Wong?
I'm really happy with how it turned out. 
This is one of my favorite achievements in my drawing journey. I still haven't decided whether or not I'm gonna draw more characters from Resident Evil. I might though, cause I'm kind of a big fan. Resident Evil is the only series whether movies or games that I feel like I'd want to be obsessed with, it's just so good. Especially the games. I feel like I just love its vibe, and it's the best zombie world among all other ones I know.

Follow me on Instagram for more drawings :…
Ciel - The Black Butler
I really like how this looks. Kinda looks like how manga characters look like when they're drawn traditionally. I also really like the hand. I don't practice drawing hands much honestly, it's almost rare, but I always like the result of hand drawings, I don't know, they just look cool.

Follow me on Instagram :…

I hope you don't mind giving me some points (^_^) :
Different Manga Eyes
I didn't use any reference for these, I was just experimenting drawing eyes with different shapes to see the kind of results I'd have. Now that I did this, I can go back and look at it to have an idea of how I want my characters face to look like. Kind of. I think it's a good idea. I can kinda tell what the face would look like with each eye, so that's good.

My Instagram :…
How many times we think we don't have enough time to accomplish something and so we don't do anything, but then as time passes by we realize that we had more time than we thought we have?
Or have you ever thought you don't have much time to finish a project at a certain time but you kept working on it anyway and you were surprised you could do it on time or earlier?
That's right.
It's nothing but an expectation we've had in mind. Time is almost always unknown when it comes to these things. You don't know for sure when you are going to finish something you started. You don't know for sure when you are going to die. You don't know for sure whether or not you have enough time to finish a big project that in your mind it might take a year or more to finish where in fact if you just started it anyway it could be less than a year. We don't know. The unknown is everywhere.

"I think sometimes the best way to deal with the unknown is to go through it with zero expectations."

If you have a big project that you don't think you have enough time to finish but you got nothing to lose if you at least try, then just start and forget about the finish line, cause when it comes to this part it's all about being present with the project. Eventually, you finished it or not, you'll feel good about yourself, but you won't feel good about yourself if you don't try at least.


husamezzi's Profile Picture
Husam Ezzi
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Saudi Arabia
I want to create art I can relate to, and use my art to draw my imaginations and emotions, and I want to draw a masterpiece one day and be able to draw whetever I can think of.
And I wanna do it for a living one day.

This is my Facebook page where I share things that all about my art and other things that are about art too:…


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