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Hi guys !

We all know Mario games – if you lived in a cave for the 30 last years, maybe you don't so you can go there (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario) and on all the pages related – and I decided today, to do a zoom on the characters who have followed Mario in all his adventures and games. It will my favourite fanarts of the principal people, and if you have some that you want to share, or if you do fanarts you want to be known, don't hesitate to put it in a comment !
PS : This Zoom will certainly be long so it will take time to inform everybody, don't worry I'll do it although.

:iconmario-baddies-club: is a funny club which gather all the bad guys.
You can find fanarts of Mario girls in :iconmariogirlsforever:, :iconmarioprincessesclub: and :iconmario-princesses:. After that, each character has some groups for himself alone, and I won't put it here, maybe in a next zoom !
There are good galleries on :iconmariobros-fanclub:, :iconmarioxandxfriends: or also :iconsupermario-club:

Mario's World by MKDrawings Mario n Luigi RPG3 characters by Smohbitz Little Mario Bros. by Themrock Super Mario Alphabet by mbaboon
:thumb141169436: mario brothers unite by adisTM Peach? Luma?- S Mario Galaxy by nuriaabajo
Mario + Luigi-Style Attempt by Neslug Super Wario Bros. by Superblade
Mario- Evolution by NatSilva Paper Mario by Themrock :thumb200789537: :thumb76748104:
Mario redesign by MaroBot :thumb74194874: Super mario pouch by prismtwine
Dance, dance... Mario? xD by Foxeaf mario by berkozturk Super Mario 3D Land by ultimatesol Whomp King and Mario by Neslug
Luigi, I love this guy ! You can follow the amazing comic of :iconkevinbolk: here (www.interrobangstudios.com/pot…)
luigi by pnutink Luigi by Lenore103 :thumb119538941: SSBT - Luigi by PhazonRidley
Luigi Munny by MC-ScottyD :thumb149383336:
Luigi the Haunted by AndrewDickman Thats mama Luigi to you. by DPhantomartist Luigi by MKDrawings a luma and luigi by Nintendrawer
shadow queen by user-name-here Shadow Queen PM2 style by UUUinfinity Princess Peach by slimu Peach the princess by Evanatt
-Princess Peach- by kichisu Tattooed Peach by KristinMillerArt Princess Peach by Indy-Lytle :thumb71413127:
The Peachy Bride by peachykatara :thumb289232194: Peach by KidNotorious Peach by hinaichigo101
Torn Daisy by Twilit-Arawen Rainbow Daisy by LemiaCrescent Princess Daisy by peegchica Daisy by ChemicalAlia
:thumb213802446: Daisy by LemiaCrescent PRINCESS DAISY'S MAD DASH by KagomesArrow77
:thumb291457264: Princess Daisy by Sprits :thumb199675814:
:thumb17492210: The Wario Brothers by Carbon-betamax Wario by GrayDaddy Wario and Waluigi by Pokekoks
Heeere's Wario by Bonus-kun Giant Wario by EnterPraiz Wario by vancamelot
WARIO by zaratus :thumb181317717: The Wario Bomb by Asho :thumb101870166:
:thumb85130113: :thumb299346002: Waluigi Sketch Card by cuky04 Waluigi  again by flygonfan
:thumb294089612: Walla Walla by thweatted Waluigi by Elusive-Angel
:thumb204128005: :thumb260072646: Walu racoon by Kelos-Kreations :thumb315388970:
Donkey Kong.
Donkey Kong by Ry-Spirit Donkey Kong Country by mattdog1000000 Donkey Kong by pnutink Donkey Kong by Weidel
Donkey Kong by SatyHarvenheit Donkey Kong Country Returns (pen) by mattdog1000000 Toy Donkey Kong Papercraft by kamibox
'1981' donkey kong poster by strongstuff KidSTUFF: Donkey Kong by KidNotorious DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS by Mizutori stencil kong by zombiecore
Others « Zoom on… » :

Rozen Maiden Dolls FA. (hurriicanee.deviantart.com/jou…)
Yoshi FA. (hurriicanee.deviantart.com/jou…)
Rabbits FA. (hurriicanee.deviantart.com/jou…)
Digimon Adventure FA. (hurriicanee.deviantart.com/jou…)

Next « Zoom on… » ? Maybe on Koopas, Toads, or Babies of Mario Games.
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Hi people ! After being asked, I let you going to see [link], let's comment !
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Great collection you've got here! Thanks for the feature. :heart:
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Thanks you very much, you're welcome <3