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Starrk Release Line

Manga : Bleach
Chapter : 361
Character : Starrk
Rank : Primera Espada
Release : Los Lobos
Other : ... Space Cowboy =D

Vous pouvez vous en servir pour une colo, mais n'oubliez pas de me créditer pour la line. : )

Coloured version by :icontamptamp: => [link] ---- Coloured version by :icondark-nyghtmare: => [link]

Coloured version by :iconrhyssafireheart: => [link] ---- Coloured version by :iconrikygontier: => [link]

Coloured version by :icondldimartiny: => [link] ---- Coloured version by :iconsinist3r-depht: => [link]
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IchiNi2546's avatar
Awesome line art~ I love Starrk and the ones who have coloured this made it look ten times better! x3
Jhay-Emsee's avatar
could i use this for rendering?
Sinist3r-Depht's avatar
Merci pour ce line, que j'ai colorisé.
Ci vous souhaitez voire celle-ci, elle est sur mon deviant ^^
Hurqaline's avatar
Joli, j'aime bien l'ambiance qui se dégage de la colo ^^

Mention spéciale pour la fourrure et le background =)

J'ai ajouté le lien dans le com du line ;p
Sinist3r-Depht's avatar
Merci s'est gentil ^^
DIABLO123456's avatar
Hey here is my colouring [link]
NXPenguinFlutist's avatar
That coloring is AMAZING.
Raizen13's avatar
Quel beau boulot comme d'habitude, si seulement je pouvais liner comme ça lol, merci pour la line je pense attaquer la colo dans peu de temps!! ^^

Tiens je viens de voir que tu n'as pas encore fait de line de Claymore. ^^'
Hurqaline's avatar
Merci, amuse-toi bien avec la colo ^^

Pour Claymore, ça viendra ;p
LygiagBrito's avatar
uow, you really know how to draw people from bleach
Hurqaline's avatar
Thanks for your com' & the watch too ^^
LygiagBrito's avatar
Electric-Eccentric's avatar
I'm working on coloring this from the scanlation. It's kicking my butt. Woulda been nice to use this lineart. Wow! Nice job cleaning it up, man!

I'm thinking I may color a different one though, when i get around to it. If that's ok. :D
Hurqaline's avatar
Of course, you can color it ^^

Just credit me for the lineart, and have fun =D

Also, thanks for the watch ;p
Electric-Eccentric's avatar
I look forward to seeing what others you make. I'll probably start coloring random ones that look interesting. :XD:

And you're welcome. I do have fun coloring photoshop. It's a lot of work, but A TON of fun. :D And when I get a tablet, it should be even more fun. ;)
RhyssaFireheart's avatar
Great lines! I found them while checking out :iconsherlock2008: page, and since I was planning to color this doublespread, I figured I got lucky. Thanks so much for doing these. :heart:

Hope you don't mine, I used your lines to do two versions of the pages:
Version 1 ==> [link]
Version 2 ==> [link]
Hurqaline's avatar
You're welcome ^^

You did a nice colo, especially the fur =)

I prefer the sky colors of the V2, so i put a link of this one into the comment of my line ;p
RhyssaFireheart's avatar
Thanks! I'm surprised the fur turned out as well as it did, actually. Thanks for the link back. :heart: It's kind of funny, but both versions are about even with favorites, which I didn't really expect actually.
Crownaccio's avatar
great line O_O!
Aseliawtf's avatar
Comme je m'y attendais... Une superbe Line !
Vraiment du super boulot \o/
Raidan91's avatar
fidèle à toi même ^^ que ce soit pour liner du Stark ... ou pour liner avec une telle qualité lol ^^ c'est tout toi !
un grand bravo =)
et peut être que j'en ferai une colo moi aussi (après le bac xD)
Hurqaline's avatar
Merci bien, ça fait plaisir =D
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