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Holidays:  Holidays I know about list:bulletred:I'm still learning about holidays so not every holiday will be on the list, if there is a holiday I forgot let me know! :bulletred:
Birthdays of my characters: 
April fools day: April 1
Ashura: September 9th 2019 - September 10th 2019
Ash Wednesday: February 26 2020Autism awareness day: April 2
Bisexual visibility day: September 23rd
Black history month: February 
Boxing day: December 26thC
Canada day: July 1st
Chanukah: December 22-December 30 2019
Cinco de Mayo: May 5th
Chinese New Years: January 25 2020
Christmas eve: December 24th
Christmas: December 25th
D day: June 6
Day of the Dead: October 31st-November 2nd 
Diwali: October 27 2019Dragon Boat Festival- June 7th
Easter: April April 12 2020
Eid al adha: August 10 2019
Eid al-Fitr: May 23rd 2020F
Father's day: June  21st 2020Fourth of July: July 4th
Gay Pride

Birthdays for Mr. Jenkins' belly characters: 

  • Cassandra: February 29th
  • Chubskey: October 12th
  • Crush: December 11th
  • Crocky: March 17th
  • Cuddles: August 17th
  • George: April 4th
  • Graypaw: April 8th
  • Ishayu: June 2nd
  • Jaqueline: January 25th
  • Kaizer: March 7th
  • Lavern: January 13th
  • Mari: December 23rd
  • Momoko: July 6th
  • Muquesko: August 6th
  • Nikolai: April 14th
  • Princess Puffpuffikins the third: October 7th
  • Mx./Mr. Puffy: September 3rd  
  • Rainbow: September 21st
  • Roxie: May 13th
  • Sam: November 27th
  • Snowtail: December 4th
  • Mike: June 5th/ Sunna: November 22nd 
  • Tarantella: October 13th
  • Mr. Wolfie May 18th
  • Zakarina: July 6th

Birthdays for A Way to Understand characters: 

  • Kayla: October 20th 
  • Jacob: September 13th
  • Carl: April 6th
  • Judith: December 1st 
  • Peter: June 14th
  • Kittipong: August 5th
  • Abigail: December 3rd
  • Margaret: January 18th 
  • Howard: February 3rd 
  • Rebecca: November 3rd
  • Zephan: July 12th
  • Sally: March 15th
  • Francesco: June 26th
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November 1, 2016